One of the things that has helped me along my spiritual transformation was my fluid ability to change. That is not something that everyone is willing to do but something everyone can do…. let me explain.

I grew up like most people who are asleep. My parents permed my hair when I was 7, I grew up in the church, I ate meat, I was born again… I was all the things that sheeple are. But I’m not like that anymore. Why is it I was able to change?

When I became a vegetarian in 2000, surprisingly, no one doubted my decision. Since I was a dentist, people thought that I had the insight on how to be healthy. Nutrition was a quarter year pass/fail class that was about 2, at the most, credits. I don’t rightly remember since it was so long ago. Even my dentist friends were clueless about what I was going to face. But I did it, and made it work for me. Now I’m able to counsel folks healthfully who decide to make the same transition. That one decision taught me that I could self-actualize.

In 2003, my beloved husband died suddenly. I had never lived alone before. I had lived with parents, roommates and a husband. Never just me before that. When I didn’t have to consider anyone else’s lifestyle other than my own, it freed me to try on different modalities. Could I live with only natural elements around me? Yes I could. I stopped wearing pants, no one noticed. Could I stop perming my hair? Yes I could and did. Would my life change adversely if I loced my hair? No. I actually got my current hubby with locs. Would I lose my job if I got a nose ring? Nope. I’ve been on the same job for 13 years. The last 8 with the nose ring. Could I study paganism? Who was gong to stop me? Could I set up an alter in my living room? Why not? What could another person say? Where they paying a bill? Could I leave Christianity? Yes, and guess what? Lightening hasn’t struck me dead in the 8 years since I bounced. I saw other people struggling with what their families thought about their extra curricular activities. I didn’t have that problem. But in reality, no one has that problem.

If you’re the boss in your home, then you can do what you want. Who is going to stand against you and say no? But what if you are sharing an apartment? Well unless you are not paying any bills, you can do whatever the fuck you want. That’s privilege comes when you pay bills. When you are a child or a guest in another home, then you need to be mindful or you might get put out. I get that. Then lie. If you are an adolescent, put your altar on your nightstand or on top of your dresser and don’t call it anything. Don’t even mention it. I don’t know parents who don’t think their kids are messy or unfocused. If you don’t call it an altar, no one will assume that’s what it is. I used to throw solstice parties every year. I didn’t bill it a solstice party though. I just billed it as a party. Folks will come to your home for free food and liquor. But these folks were unaware that they were being involved in a ritual.

My point is this….. no matter what it is you wish to do… what you wish to practice…. no matter how you wish to live…. you can do it. You really can. All of the imagined obstacles only exist in your mind.

I hear so many people say they are living in the closet with regard to their spiritual/cultural lifestyle. I get that. I don’t advertise that I work roots. But when people find out that I work, they don’t say anything, nor do they treat me differently. Nothing changes. If anything they ask for freebies. I haven’t lost my job. I haven’t lost my new husband. If anything, my losses have been restored and in some levels my life has gotten better. Don’t let your thinking keep you from manifest your authentic self.

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Today is the 1st day of spring. Doesn’t really feel like it since the temperature decided to take a nosedive. This is what they call blackberry winter. I had already painted my toes and everything! Oh well….

This past season I was all into water. And I must say, it was VERY useful. I now drink a ton of water everyday without complaining. I’ve gotten to the point where I actually look forward to it. Who knew. And my spiritual bath game is on point. My Orisa class showed me how to properly make offerings. Though I don’t think there was anything super duper wrong the way I was doing it. Just now, it makes more sense and is orderly to me just walking to a spot leaving the item and bouncing. And my tea game is superb.

My calendar marks today, March 21st as the 1st day of spring, so today is the day I am going to officially turn the wheel!. I am moving from water to Earth!

My Ifa reading said I’m supposed to be doing a lot…. I’m supposed to be teaching, reading oracles, singing and working with rocks. Since rocks are “Earth” I’m going to step up my crystal game. Here is the thing…. I have never been able to get crystals and rocks to work for me. So that is going to be some serious researched to figure this part out. My husband and I bought a house with a LOT of land for the city (In my opinion) so I am going to be doing a lot of gardening. Between the gardening and the crystals, that should keep me busy.

Obatala, who is said to own my head, offering location is on a hill…. and hills or on Earth…. I’m going to see what kind of relationship I can work out with him. I’m going to need to learn the lay of my new environment. Both my hubby and I had hopes of a home near a stream, pond or lake. His Orisa is a river spirit and babbling water soothes his savage beast. This house hits all the boxes except that one. But this is GA. And GA is wet. So I’m sure I’ll find a spot to take my water offerings.

And that’s it. Y’all looking at this…. I can never tell since folks don’t comment….. I’d be real appreciative if y’all gave me some crystal insights. I have a bag, I just don’t know what to do with them.


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When I was in my 20’s my Dad was on a rant. Folks do that from time to time. They get mad at someone. But for whatever reason, they can’t express their anger at the person they’re vexed with so they take it out on another person. Usually the person they take it out on is their child, employee, etc. Someone lower on the totem pole who has to take the abuse and can’t complain. I once walked out and quit a job when my boss did that to me. I wanted to quit anyway, and he gave me the opportunity. Any who……

Daddy’s rant came on the heels of his doctor who suggested he have his prostate removed. I asked him why he was struggling with the course of treatment? He was an older man… I, his youngest child was in my 20’s… did he want more children? And if so, with whom!!!! I said, if that’s what the doctors say, and you need to have this done what’s the problem? You can live without a prostate. He turned his head in my direction and I swear he was looking through me… I remember it like it happened 15 minutes ago… and he said…. “You women don’t seem to care about your lady parts. You’ll cut them right out if the doctor says so. I don’t intend to let anyone touch my manly parts. And if leaving them right where they are means I gotta die… The death it is. “ My mother had an hysterectomy without his permission. He said something similar to her. He never forgave her for that. Back them married women needed permission to sterilize themselves. But her male doctor went on did it because he didn’t like my father. SMH…. All she had was fibroids! Her doctor told her they would kill her. Mommie was there when I had my myomectomy and the doctor said fibroids aren’t cancerous. Plus they go away at menopause. You should have seen her face.

I wasn’t woke back then. But now that I am… I see the wisdom in my father’s words.

I have never thought that having children defined me as a woman. I still don’t. But I do see that my, as my Daddy called them, lady parts do define me as a woman. I have come to learn that my uterus and reproductive parts are the seat of my power.

There is a BIG difference in how women’s reproductive issues are treated and how men’s reproductive issues are treated. For women…. just cut out the offending organ. For men…. fix and save everything!!! I have to ask myself… why the difference?

The conspiracy theorist in me is saying there is a reason why they want women’s uteruses. Especially when the money is always in treatment rather than excision. I have had friends go to their GYNs to get new birth control pill prescriptions and come out with hysterectomies. How does an asymptomatic woman woman just NEED a hysterectomy. And guess what? They have it! I had a friends tell me her doctor told her since she wasn’t using it she should have it out. She was 35, unmarried without children. But she went on and guess what happened? She found her husband but she can’t have the children she desperately wanted.

But moving on the metaphysical side… What is the difference between men and women? Their genitals and hormone make up. Lots of hormones come from the pituitary, but some are made in the ovaries. Has anyone ever answered the question of what happens to the body when you remove organs that the hormones act on? Did you tell the pituitary gland that there is no uterus? As a woman I have a regalness that is natural to me(and all women). That innate regalness (I know it’s not a real word) is recognized by the entire world. That mother wisdom that women have… the nurturing instinct that women have…. the natural psychicness that women have…. all comes from somewhere. It’s within our core. And that core is the uterus. Men have their core… and they don’t touch it. Yet they strive to rob us of our core…..

So what does that mean? Take care of your uterus. Don’ t abuse it. If it’s already damaged, find ways to heal it. Listen to your own mind and don’t be led in the wrong direction. Stop being nonchalant about your uterus, ovaries and tubes. You don’t see men/doctors trying to block up the vagina do you? And if it’s too late… cultivate power from a different chakra. But remember, everyone has that chakra.

I’m not saying that if you have cancer, you should just die rather than having a hysterectomy. If the Universe sent you that jewel, you gotta roll with it. I am saying be mindful about what you do with parts that don’t regenerate. You have that one shot. You can’t live with a heavy cycle for 5 days out of 30? What kind of punk bitch are you?

You don’t have to agree with me. Many of you won’t. That’s okay. This space is for the information and understanding in my own head. But think about it before you discard the post. There is value to you’re uterus. Its what makes you you. Remember that.


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It’s been awhile since I’ve updated… It happens…. I have been bathing, drinking tea and water and offering. All seems to be going well, but there is nothing to report.

I have been taking a class and I want so share some things about it with y’all. I’ve been taking an “Intro to Ifa” class. That’s not the official name. But it is a better description that the one that it officially has. Why would I want to take a class such as this? I’m glad you asked!

Indigenous West African religion lies in what is commonly called ATRs (African Traditional Religion). What really kills me is folks say Africans were originally Muslim. Well….. Africa is the cradle of civilization. And Islam hasn’t been around longer that Christianity. And Africans have been around as long as people existed so….. quit lying!

ATRs got dispersed as enslaved Africans were dispersed. And everywhere Africans ended up, there is a version of ATR. That is, all but in the USA. For some reason the USA stamped out as much of the African religion as they could see. But you can’t control every aspect of any individual’s life. Folks like to think they can… but they cant. So a lot of the ATR tradition lives on in Black churches. Examples include naming the church “African” others include possession by the Holy ghost, shouting, ring shouts, gospel music, drums and so on. And since white people feel comfortable in segregated worship, it went on and continues without their notice. And churches aren’t the only place the Culture hid itself. But you need to be adept to notice. Also, Hoodoo, the way its practiced by American Black people is a remnant of the African practices.

I am a descendant of enslaved ancestors in the USA. I got all the was left, down packed. I want the more traditional energies.

As a non-religious person it seems weird that I would be taking spooky classes. My husband is worried. We are both of the same mind when it comes to religion. But he understands my conjure and knows how important is to me. I’m not planning to to become initiated in Ifa. But I am planning to learn as much as I can about it and make myself “initiation eligible.” I don’t want to initiate… But I do want to be able to go to celebrations from an informed standpoint. But most importantly, I want to add this piece to my puzzle. It would more complete with this information on board.

So that’s what I’ve been up to…


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Nothing New


More of y’all looking for roots from a Black American’s perspective? Really? I think y’all just not knowing where and how to look. The nature of roots is that you must notice what others don’t notice. Or else… everybody would be doing it.

I don’t know one Black person that will tell you everything they know. It just won’t happen. We haven’t been cultured like that. So no matter what another Black person says, know that they are leaving something out. It is what it is.

You want some money? Listen to Rev. Ike. He is dead and gone but all over youtube. He has been teaching the gospel of prosperity for years, months and days. That same teaching can be applied to attain love. Love work and money work are not that different. It’s just the intention.

You wanna hex someone? Hex their love and money. Because that’s what folks care about the most… When will they paid and laid. Do the opposite of what you’d do to gain the money/love to take it away. Sometimes that means flipping the candle upside down and burning it that way.

But let me get to what I meant to post…. the Conjure tip of the day!!!

do the Knowledge to Rev. Ike. He’s Black. This man was on this new shit long before Oprah, The Secret or any of these other books. Get your thoughtform manifestation on.


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I have been contacted looking for African American books that chronicle the Hoodoo experience….

Here’s the thing. You’re not going to find it. For plenty of reasons. 1st the Hoodoo TRADITION is such that folks mistrust others; especially white people. White people are new, they don’t have their own authentic culture. What they do is learn it from Original people, bastardize it and sell it back to or force Original people to accept it. So why would a worker put info in a book? Who’d buy it? 2nd Hoodoo is considered by most Black people as backwards. Black folks love themselves some white jesus. So much in fact, to use workers. And when they do decide to contract a worker… they do so on the down low. Every single person I’ve ever worked with comes to my crib under the cover of darkness. SMH… Also, ain’t like I advertise. I have a square job that pays most of my bills. I’m not jeopardizing that by being super public. 3rd white people own the publishing houses. They don’t have a conjure division. It’s not fiction… not healthcare…. not really paranormal…. not religious… so what division is supposed to publish a Hoodoo book? We could self publish…. But, again, if Hoodoo isn’t your full time gig and you are trying to maintain a level of anonymity, it won’t work hustling books out of your car’s trunk. 4th white people don’t respect Black culture if it excludes them. Hoodoo was born out of slavery. It’s all over the practice. So Real, actual, authentic, Black Hoodoo… Is something you’re either going to have to learn from another Black Hoodoo or figure out on your own.

There is one book.. The Holy Bible. Yes I said it. But what I did NOT say was to go to church. The Bible was written FOR one group of people BY another group. Google Genesis 1:26-28. Someone is speaking, and someone is being spoken about. If you do the Knowledge you will find that the emergence of white people is a recent phenomenon. People of Color already existed. Had existed for eons. I would daresay, ALWAYS existed. That’s why white xians say that the Earth has existed for only 6000 years. THEY have only existed for 6000 years. Black people wrote the Bible to govern the actions of white people.

If you read the Bible with the right kind of eyes, you will see that there is some powerful conjure in the book. Be careful of your words, the world was spoken into existence. Both the old and new testaments start with that lesson. You wanna set up an altar? Google how the Levites set up their altars. You can organize your rituals and sacrifices just like they do in the book. Moses and Jesus were powerful men of conjure. Other prophets are good at conjure, but whose names are we calling? You lost everything? See what Job did and got all his shit back better. Divination? Hebrews used the Umin and Thumin. And the Psalms are an important part of rootwork. That book is amazing. I’m not a xian anymore, but I have several. I use them for so many things. I keep one just to put funeral programs. It also keeps track of births and deaths. That is super vital to any family. I have one that I use for intentions. I’ll tuck a desire in with an appropriate scripture. I got my 1st husband that way. I’ve gotten jobs that way. And those are just 2 of many uses of the Bible. Seriously… The Bible is the shit! But as always… You gotta read it for yourself.

Interact with your spirit guides. Once you have a relationship with them, they will lead you to sources that will teach you what you need to know. Stop looking for a guru. This is a personalized journey, not a curriculum put forth by an institution. You will have many teachers. Be open to the experience.


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I know there are a lot of newbies out there. But I need you to make a decision with regard to what you are practicing. Are you Wiccan or are you a rootworker?

If you are Wiccan, then we probably will disagree on everything. And that is cool. Everything ain’t for everybody. I don’t do deities… I don’t do Wiccan Rede. I don’t do 3-fold comeback. I don’t “so mote it be.” I’m a root worker. I don’t have to. I have experience with Wicca. I studied with a coven for 2 years before I got sick of it. It wasn’t for me. I was fleeing Xianity and Wicca was just another organized religion. I came back home to my conjure roots.

Circles are what Wiccans do to make a space “holy.” My see on that is a space is holy because I say it is. Holy is defined as a space that is set apart and special. I don’t see why you have to invoke the elements, dragons, gatekeepers and whatever to do that. Clear off and clean a spot in a room and use that spot for your work. BOOM! Holy. You don’t need a circle for that.

Because I studied with Wiccans for as long as I did, I know how to cast a circle. I own an athame, I have a chalice, a pentagram and all the other Wiccan tools of the trade. I’m not knocking their hustle. And I honor that circles do infact exist. Since circle casting is in my repertoire of Pagan abilities, I might use it from time to time. I suffer from night terrors and have since childhood. I don’t have them all the time anymore, but occasionally I see them coming. I find that if I cast a circle, I don’t have the terror. I’ll cast a circle if I don’t want the work traced back to me. A circle is supposed to cut you off from the mundane. Most folks don’t know how to divine well enough to trace work back t to the owner. So I don’t always feel the need to cast a circle… But if they do… I most definitely will.

Should you choose, as a rootworker that you ant to cast circles….. sigh….. there are many techniques. You can cast like Wiccans and use candles and athames. You can use just candles. You can use salt or even cornmeal. I’ve personally known workers that used cornmeal or salt. I find them messy unless you’re outside, so I use candles. I don’t follow any of the Wiccan directives about circle etiquette with the exception of not breaking the circle until I’m done with it. Pee before you cast it.

All I suggest is for you to do the Knowledge and decide if circle casting is for you.


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Widows and Orphans


I was a widow for 13 years. My 1st husband died in 2003 and I didn’t remarry until 2015. Something that folks don’t realized is that there are 2 protected people in this realm of existence for this time in space. And those 2 people are Widows and Orphans.

Logically looking at things, widows and orphans are the most vulnerable of humans. Orphan vulnerability is obvious. Parentless children are completely helpless and have to rely on the generosity of others. Adult have developed common sense. Children don’t. If an adult sees a pot on a stove, they know not to mess with it. Children… not so much. Adults know how to cross the street, earn income and pay their bills. Adults know how to secure resources for themselves. Children don’t. And if the child happens to be unfortunate looking….. Children are protected by the universe. Meaning if you do something to hurt them… you will meet the Universe’s wrath. And you don’t want that.

Widows are defined as women whose husbands have died. This order of protection doesn’t extend to men. This age has not come out of patriarchy. Men run things and don’t need this type of assistance. Women are either protected by their fathers or their husbands. In many Cultures that still hearken to traditional practices, when women marry they move in with their husbands and become his responsibility. So she is passed from one owner to another like chattel. Should that husband die…. who will protect her? She could go back to her father. But what if he doesn’t want her back? He has that right. What if her husband’s family doesn’t want her? Technically they are supposed to take care of her until she dies or finds another husband. If her son is old enough to offer his shield then that woman is not a true widow. Also if she is attractive, she isn’t considered a true widow. But we know that isn’t always the case. And if she has children…… So the universe protects widows and orphans.

Why did I bring this up? Since the Universe looks out for orphans and widows… that means that their work will be stronger. I’m not a widow any longer. I’ve not seen that reflected in my work… but I did see the widow protection in my life for those years. People who tried to take advantage came to bad … really bad ends… where I could see it. Some folks even got dead. Don’t fuck with orphans and widows.

Additionally, don’t strive to be one.


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Break Up Job


I’m a share some work with you. I’m feeling generous. I don’t normally share my work because I don’t know who’s paying attention. If I tell you everything, then you can use it against me. But this is some work I do that you can do if you want to….. Break Up work

“Hoodoo Honey! That is not nice!!!! Why would you want to break someone up? You will be punished 3-fold for that!”

Ah…. no! this is why I’m not a Wiccan. 1st of all, Wicca is an organized religion. I don’t do organized religion. All those levels and sashes… you can have it. Organized religion keeps it’s followers in place with divine retribution from a mystery god. In Hoodoo/Conjure we have no fear of that. I strive for balance. So with my purification, unhexing, prosperity, love, etc…. I can stop gossip, hex, break up, cause illnesses, etc. And I sleep very well at night.

Here is the work. And it’s not easy. The struggle helps the efficacy. You have to make your own candle…. and I’m assuming you already know how to make a candle. This is what you will need…

A wide vase

Candle making supplies for a LARGE RED candle

Knife that you aren’t going to use again. Make it not big, small is fine, but is should be sharp



Blend equal parts of: Hot foot powder, Lemon verbena, Licorice root & Alum

Personal concern makes it stronger

Clean the vase with ammonia and salt water. Smoke it if you want to. This gets it ready to receive the ingredients. If you have a personal concern allow it to reside in vase a day or so. Always use gloves when handling personal concerns. Don’t get it on you or mix the concern with your energy. You wouldn’t want to inadvertently break up your own romantic relationship… A lot of workers notice that their circumstances follow the work they do for others. And I instantly know they didn’t use gloves. OCD. Its a pet peeve of mine… Anywho… Glue 2 separate wicks down in the bottom of the vase. (the wicks are the long cotton string that gets burned. They are anchored at the bottom with a metal disc. You glue them down with sticky wax which is designed to hold other wax to a non wax surface) Add melted wax… about a 1/5-1/4 the way up the vase and let it cool. This anchors the wicks down. 2 strand twist the wick. Don’t make it super tight because it can pull the wick up from the bottom. Secure it at the top spread apart wide. Add the blended powders (not the barberry) and the personal concerns. Add more wax. Add in increments with the powders so that you have powder all along candle. Allow to cool but not fully. When the last layer of wax is almost cooled sprinkle the top with barberry. Once completely cool, coat the knife with the sulfur and wedge it between the 2 exposed wicks. Not all the way down because then you would tear apart the twisted wicks. Just poke it in. On name paper write the name of the couple you wish to break up. That goes under the vase. Light the candles on a new moon. When all is complete, put the knife in the vase along with the name paper and personal concern. I like to wrap everything up in plastic. That’s my OCD again. Take it to the cemetery and bury it there. Bathe good afterward.

The whats and whys: Don’t you want to know the technicalities behind why the work works?

Red candle: Red is the color of love. You are breaking up a love connection. We are doing candle work because it incorporates the element of fire. Fire is passion yet it’s also dangerous

Twisted wicks: represent the couple. As the wick burns it unravels as their relationship will

Hot foot powder is classically used when you want something bad to happen to another. Combined with the red love candle it will cause bad things to happen in the relationship.

Sulfur is used as a hexing agent.

The knife stuck in the top will drive a wedge between the couple as their relationship unravels.

The barberry sprinkled on top keeps the couple from knowing who did it.

Lemon verbena is a break up herb

Licorice root grants your domination over the targets

Alum blocks communication

New moon: A dark time for the targets a new beginning for you.

If you want to know if it’s working and you can’t see for yourself, divine. Ask your pendulum.

Now if you want to be supersonic funky with it… you could add some confusion oil. You could also engrave their names on either side of the knife. I have an engraver so that’s what I would do. But if you don’t have one, name paper works fine. Also remember this is to break up relationships…. It’s not just for romantic love. You could separate a person from their job, friends, home, drugs, anything.

The point I’m trying to make is to be thoughtful in your work. And know why your doing every element rather than just following a recipe.


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Fate or Free Will


This is something that has been floating through my mental and I just wanted to let it out….

Some folks believe in free will… others believe in fate. I believe that both can peacefully coexist.

I have been playing a game on my phone called Episode. In the game you get to make choices about the development of the story. Seems like if you can make decisions about the direction of the story… then the outcome should be different for each person playing the game. It’s not. Everyone who gets to the end… gets to the same end.

I used to teach adults in a vocational school. One of my former students claimed to be a psychic. She was discussing her “ability”(As one with empathic abilities of my own… she had no abilities. What she had was a con) and she made a point I hadn’t considered…. Psychics forecast the future as it is at that moment. You can change it. If you have been predicted to have 6 children and you don’t want any, you can get your tubes tied. That makes sense the way she put it. But still, I disagree.

Fate speaks of the Destination. Free Will speaks of the journey. Those are 2 different designations.

Fate is defined as the development of events beyond a person’s control. Free will is defined as the power of acting without the constraint of necessity or fate; the ability to act at one’s own discretion. These definitions do not make the two mutually exclusive.

We all are born and we all will die. Birth and Death are fate for us all. But in the meantime, what you do with your life is you’re own free will. If you decide to be president, a serial killer or a beautician that is all on you. That is a very obvious example but it works.

In the above “psychic” explanation, you may in fact sterilize yourself so you won’t bear 6 children. But what happens if your brother and sister in law die in a tragic accident and you end up with their children? Or you marry a man with 6 children? It could still happen even though you took steps to prevent it. The only way to escape “fate” is to kill yourself after a reading you don’t like. And I doubt very much that folks would do that.

So there it is…


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