Making Groceries



Practicing Hoodoo is a very basic and easy thing. At least to me. Folks think and claim the ingredients are difficult to find. They aren’t. But you have to be willing to do take responsibility for your own work.

I don’t buy anything I can make myself. Part of making the implements yourself is that it puts your energy into the implement and attaches it to you. Think of it like this. You have a pet that belongs to you. Your pet. You own it. Nowadays, chips are imbedded in pets. So if your pet gets lost, they notify you personally and/or they bring it back to your house. That’s the way it is with this work. You make it, it knows you. it knows how to get back to where you are. And the is the primary reason I advocate making your own implements.

The other reason I advocate making your own implements is because that is the only way you can be sure what your working with. I grew up in NJ, and metaphysical stores are called “botanicas.” They are run by Latinos. My mother would send me to the local store for whatever and she would be specific about what she wanted. Many times they would try to sell me something else. Not for any other reason other than they may not have had what she requested and wanted to make a sale irregardless. I made friends with one of the young girls who was descended from the owners and she inadvertantly told me that a lot of what they sold was actually something else. So folks spending their hard earned money on some implement and are getting nothing? I bet they wondered why their work didn’t turn out right.

The final reason why I advocate making your own, is it shows your level of commitment to the lifestyle. I say all the time, “If you can’t make your own red brick dust… This ain’t for you.” RBD is the easiest thing to make, yet I see advertisements for it all the time. $8 for a small back that you would keep earring in. Come on son!

I also hear complaints that folks can’t find what they are looking for. That may be true, but the nature of the Hoodoo is making due with what you have. Do you think slaves broght with them their implements from Africa? You think they packed a bag for the trip? You think they were just chilling on the ship relaxing and talking about what a nice life they were going to have in the US? No they came with the Black on their skin and that’s it. They learn to use what they could get their hands on since they didn’t earn money to buy anything. And yes, I know not all Black people living here were enslaved, but they weren’t teaching their enslaved brethern this culture.

So if you can’t find something… find something else. Lots of things we use are food grade. Therefore it can be found in the grocery stores. I recently did some court work. And I found all that I needed in a regular grocery store. Gas stations sell incense, athemes, cigars, sometimes rum and a lot of other things. When I need something a bit more unusual, there is a healthfood store that carries most of what I need. It’s important to me to get my stuff locally, if possible. Because it has the local energy on it. Chances are you are going to work near where you bought the items. And in case you haven’t noticed…. It’s ALL about recognizable energy. That is what makes work, work for YOU. It’s got your stink on it.

You want to make an oil to dress candles or annoint something? First choose your carrier oil. Do the Knowledge on what each oil brings to the table and decide if it’s useful for you. Next, decide if the oil alone is enough (as some folks think EVOO can be used for anything) or if you need to augment it with something else. If so add it. Now sanctify it in the way that you have learned and… Boom! Your done!

So don’t be intimidated to make your own stuff.


The Hoodoo Honey


About The HooDoo Honey

I have a familial link and attachment to Rootwork. I strive to share how this culture is seamlessly integrated into my life. I specialize in Laying Tricks, Divination, Personal Protection and Healing. Please be respectful. And don't ask me to work on your behalf unless you know me personally.
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