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I love my new deck of cards. I am keeping them very close to me  for 7 days as to imprint my energies on them. In addition to keeping them close I have been reading myself and these cards seem very accurate and intuitive. I choose well.


One of the ways to learn and bind your cards is to do self readings. I do not like to do readings on myself. I don’t. When reading for self, it’s hard to be objective and say what you see. Especially if you get undesirable cards. And since 2007 I have been getting undesirable readings when I do self readings. But that is a different Build. When you read for yourself, don’t do elaborate spreads. Save that for the paying customers. Do very simple spreads. That way your chances of over interpreting the cards are diminished. And if you need more answers do additional small spreads.


The cards are a nice heavy size and the book that came with the cards is nice too. Very colorful. When working with clients, it is important to give them a bit of showmanship. Not over the top so that it is unbelievable. But you can’t just answer their questions of give them a reading without some flair. The feel like they have wasted their money if you operate like that. So do I dress like a gypsy? No more than usual. Do I have all sorts of stuff going on in the background? No more than usual. Hmmm…. I guess I’m already over the top. If you have seen the movie “Eve’s Bayou” think of me as the Debbi Morgan character. I work from home and I give off a mysterious persona. But my tools are classy and inspire.  


I want to share 2 spreads I did on myself that were suggested by the book that came with the cards. i have my own preferred spreads but I use the book until I get a feel for the cards….


This one was about my life in general. The lower card represents me. The upper left card is the suggested activity and the upper right card is the outcome. Looks dark doesn’t it? Well dark is up for interpretation, but I don’t discount the instant emotion that comes when you see the cards for the 1st time. All of it has a role to play. My interpretation is that I already know what needs to be done to improve my life. Get back to what I am passionate about and throw myself into it as a child would. The outcome tells me that I may shape shift into a life that I never expected.



This morning I did a spread with regard to my day job. My mundane job pays my bills. That’s all the joy I get from it. My boss is rather laid back and allows me to internet as long as I keep up with my work. In addition to my boss I have4 other coworkers. Some I love, some I detest. And they run the spectrum in between. So this spread hit it right on the nose.


Again I got the same ‘me’ card even after shuffling. I’m going to pay attention to that card some more. But it is still a realization of what this job is and isn’t for me. The action was ‘forgiveness’ and the result was ‘manipulation.’ Truer cards were never pulled. Sometime you just have to see it for self. SMH… First of all, forgiveness is not in my make up. I get over, not forgive. And if I allow forgiveness in my life for these people, they will take advantage of me. So in order to prevent that from happening I will do the opposite.


I so love these cards!




The HooDoo Honey


About The HooDoo Honey

I have a familial link and attachment to Rootwork. I strive to share how this culture is seamlessly integrated into my life. I specialize in Laying Tricks, Divination, Personal Protection and Healing. Please be respectful. And don't ask me to work on your behalf unless you know me personally.
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