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I freely admit… I have no idea where the animating force comes from when you are born. Nor do I know where it goes when you die. I’m ok with that mystery. Because of that fact, I’m a bit different because I don’t work with ancestors. What I can see with my eye is that death means done.

When my father died I dreamed of him every day for 3 weeks. And not in the past tense. I dreamed he was updating me on what was happening in his new afterlife. After awhile he told me that he felt like he was bothering me and if I needed him I could find him in our old home. Do I think he was communicating with me? I don’t know. And again, I’m okay with that.

Do I remember and honor my passed loved ones? Yes. I visit and clean graves. I keep my father’s and MIL’s ashes close. I keep a picture of my seamstress grandmother in my Sewing room and keep my wedding picture of me and my late 1st husband in my wallet. I think of, shed tears, and talk to my loved ones all the time. But do I think they hear me? No. I don’t do it with the premise of they might be able to hear me. It makes me feel comforted to think of them and include them in my life.

5%ers have a degree that partially reads…. “In all the history of Islam it has never been reported of a man returning from a physical death…” That’s how I feel about it. So then why do I claim a generational attachment to HooDoo? Because I do portals of entry.

Portals of Entry or POL’s is defined… by me… as the entry point into this realm. I don’t know if energies choose to come into the world as they do. But when an individual enters a family, we take on the family’s characteristics; their talents, their looks their appearances, their culture, etc. We all have a POL. So my peeps worked roots; therefore I work roots. My family sings; therefore, I sing. My family tends to be overweight. No surprise that I am overweight. My family has its share of alcoholics. I try not to do much drinking. All the women in my family, who have been married, have been married twice. 1st marriages are super passionate, but don’t last long. The second marriages are boring and last for 30+ years. They usually end badly. (Imagine my fear and trepidation when I signed on for marriage #2!) So POL’s are important. They aren’t the most important, but they should always be considered.

One very important POL characteristic is the religion you were born into. I was born as a Christian. It’s not a choice I made for myself. When I got old enough to make a different choice I did. But because of that POL characteristic, I feel completely comfortable using Christian items in my work and daily life. It is because it holds energy and meaning for me. Through my years as a Christian… the service the rituals the money I’ve paid… I have earned the right to use this modality at will and how I choose. No one will ever tell me that I can’t and I take them seriously.

Because of the above fact, I do NOT play with and disrespect other modalities. Native Americans do not like non-members using their rituals. And to be perfectly honest when folks use something they aren’t’ familiar with, they bastardize and misuse it. A few years ago, some non Native Americans entered a sweat lodge run by another non-Native, James Arthur Ray. 3 people died because homie didn’t know what he was doing. Why was he taking a tradition that wasn’t his in the 1st place? Was he trained by Native Americans? Probably not. Where did he get his sweat lodge from?

Many Native American tribes have requested that non tribe members do NOT practice their rituals. Not just non-Native Americans but non-tribal members! You see why POLs are important?

I could give other examples, but at this point you should get the picture.

This is the same for a lot of aboriginal traditions. When I work, I only use what is common. There are herbs that exist on this continent, know to work by the Native Americans. I will use the herbs. I don’t bootleg their rituals and traditions. That is called Appropriation and it’s not good. I feel the same way about HooDoo….. Those with ears should hear….

We come into this world in a family. And families have traditions. Whether you agree or disagree with the family or the tradition, which is your foundation on which to build your life and your practice.

Do you.


The HooDoo Honey


About The HooDoo Honey

I have a familial link and attachment to Rootwork. I strive to share how this culture is seamlessly integrated into my life. I specialize in Laying Tricks, Divination, Personal Protection and Healing. Please be respectful. And don't ask me to work on your behalf unless you know me personally.
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