EveryDay Problems: Car Maintenance



I have a dysfunctional relationship with my car. I bought my car brand spanking new. A new SUV was what I desired at the time. I was trading in a clunker and I got a really amazing deal. But from the beginning, I felt something was a bit off. I had an unpleasant experience with a few of the dealership people. I promptly left. But the next day I received a plethora of apologies and and even better deal. The day I brought it home, it leaked gas all over my garage. The dealership got a bit huffy with me when I called, but I explained that since I knew they hadn’t done anything with my car, I’d be happy to re-assume ownership of it. When they heard that, they towed the car and gave me a LOVELY loaner. Then graciously apologized and extended my warranty for an additional 6 months… which later they didn’t honor. The dealership sucked. (Landmark Dodge Morrow, GA) That just added to my bad experiences.

6 days after I bought the car, I was hit in the back of it. It jacked a full 1/3 of the back of the car. I was sent to an unscrupulous repair person and they took a trip in my vehicle. They had my vehicle for 2 months. The insurance company that sent me there did not believe it could take so long and rescinded my rental car.  When my car was returned to me, it had an additional 800 miles on it. AND…. it was too late to return the vehicle permanently. Since then I have had to take it back to the dealership for so many silly reasons. She got lost a few times. the dealership seemed surprised when I came to pick up the car. I always kept my paperwork. Hell I still have it. I’m tempted to do some work against the dealership.

I have since been hit in the same area 2 other times. One time I was parked. The other time someone ran a red light and hit me.

But this is the car I have. I didn’t buy what was in my heart. And I ignored all the questionable vibes coming off the car. But I own it now and unless someone wants to trade a comparable vehicle, it’s going to stay mine.

But I can do more to protect myself, possible passengers, and others.

(1) I never really claimed my vehicle. I never impressed myself on the car. The car didn’t know me. So I took a camping trip in my car where I knew I would have to sleep in the car. And I don’t camp. It’s big enough that I knew I wouldn’t be uncomfortable and I made sure it would be just me sleeping in the truck. She needed to learn and recognize me.

(2) I named her. Sunny. I normally name all my vehicles. But the time I got Sunny, I had a lot going on and I realized I never named her.

(3) I speak to her and reassure her a lot. Maybe she kept trying to return to the dealership because she didn’t think I wanted her or because I didn’t truly claim her. I explained to her that since the warranty was over, she was never going back to that dealership again. Under any circumstances.

(4) This one is very important… I baptized her. All my other cars had been previously baptized by my pastors at the time and prayed over. Since I no longer go to church, nor am I a xian, I had to do it myself. She got anointed with holy water and I chanted. I burned incense and did a cleansing/claiming ritual in her.

(5) And now I do special things for her like clean her regularly (I am REALLY bad about keeping a vehicle clean, always have been), I burn incense, I buy her treats and pay more attention to her. I spray my perfume inside. I ONLY drive my car. No one else. She needs to know who her mother is.

(6) I keep various talismen in the car. A blessed steering wheel cover from my late husband’s car for protection. A silver sun (get it?) consecrated to draw attention to me from other drivers day and night.  All my accident people claim to hit me because they didn’t see me. My Car is bright Sunburst Orange. I need to rethink that since now police officers are paying more attention to me. I just got a ticket for an brake light that was out. A ticket, not a warning… for a BRAKE LIGHT. It eventually cost $125 to resolve. One must really consider the work before you do it….

Other than increase police attention, I have not had an accident in 3 years. I and my insurance company are very happy….






The HooDoo Honey


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I have a familial link and attachment to Rootwork. I strive to share how this culture is seamlessly integrated into my life. I specialize in Laying Tricks, Divination, Personal Protection and Healing. Please be respectful. And don't ask me to work on your behalf unless you know me personally.
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