I know I stated in a previous Build that I am a light worker and my specialties include. Divination, Laying tricks, Protection, and Healing. That’s what I do. It’s what I’ve always done. Does that mean that is all there is? No. But this is what I am proficient in. It’s what works in my hands.

Everything ain’t for everybody. And Everybody can’t do it all. Be mindful of that as you seek out practitioners. If they tell you they can do everything, they are wrong.

I have death work written down in my journals. I like how Wiccans call them Book of shadows or grimmoires. I just call them journals. But I don’t do death work. I had a bad experience a few years back while doing some cemetery work and I am all skeeved when it comes to anything stronger than disposal or caring for my dead folks. So don’t ask me to kill George Zimmerman.

I’m not proficient at court case work either. I can protect you, heal your grief, etc. but to make you win your case… call someone else. I’m not good at lotteries or gambling. There is a curse on mother. She won’t hit the lottery. It has been prophesied that she puts her hope in that when she should be focusing elsewhere. I can win, but I have never won big. And if it has anything to do with my mother, I’m held back. That Portal of Entry stuff is REAL. Doesn’t stop me from playing…..

My mother is proficient in dream divination. AND she speaks to the dead in dreams. She welcomes it. My mother can make money appear. Seriously, you want cash, you go to my mom. She will get it for you. But this comes with a price. My mother also has a gift of comfort. If she chooses, she can make you feel so at ease with her, you will do her bidding. Took me years to figure that out. She will do that to anybody. I have learned to shield from her. But it’s not easy to cut yourself off from blood. Especially a mother’s blood. She can pull me in with effort. Learning to shield from comfort has helped me in so many different situations. You’d be surprised how many people use comfort against folks.

So that’s my small dissertation of specializing.


The HooDoo Honey


About The HooDoo Honey

I have a familial link and attachment to Rootwork. I strive to share how this culture is seamlessly integrated into my life. I specialize in Laying Tricks, Divination, Personal Protection and Healing. Please be respectful. And don't ask me to work on your behalf unless you know me personally.
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