I consider myself a traditional worker. I do! I but I embrace technology. Isn’t that the essence of HooDoo? Use what you got. I got technology!

I have seen workers who won’t use the internet. I have seen some that won’t use lighters. I have seen workers that only use a certain type of needle, etc. I’ve seen them wright on old used paper bags rather than good paper. That is so unnecessary.

Look….  Technology is to make our lives easier, not make the work harder. I was doing some gossip work that required me to sew up a beef tongue. Did I use a needle and thread? Nope. I used suture and a hemostat. It was so much easier. I would have cauterized it if I could have borrowed the machine from work. I will light my candles and jars with a match if I have one; and use a lighter if I don’t. I ain’t shamed to light off the stove either. And as I don’t blow them out, if I had automatic snifter, I’d use that.

I own a mortar and pestle, but I also own a coffee grinder. I sew bags though. i have a sewing machine but it takes more to set it up. I’ll pre-sew a bunch of bags while doing something else.

Right now, I’m adding a blessing to an application I’m sending using a Bible app that is reading Psalm 65 over the papers. And I’m worried that it’s not my voice? No. It’s my app I set, on the phone I own and the bill I pay. I’m not afraid.

Don’t let anyone tell you you can’t use technology because it’s not what the elders used. The elders used outhouses. Are you gonna use that?



The HooDoo Honey


About The HooDoo Honey

I have a familial link and attachment to Rootwork. I strive to share how this culture is seamlessly integrated into my life. I specialize in Laying Tricks, Divination, Personal Protection and Healing. Please be respectful. And don't ask me to work on your behalf unless you know me personally.
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