Don’t Touch Me…



It’s been a minute since I built with y’all. Life…. But I want to get on into the next topic, so… Shall we?


Touch….. I’m a put some science on it too!


All matter is made of particles. That is not me making that up. It’s true. For example… a rock that you see and feel is a solid is still made up of particles. The rock has a molecular structure. And that structure is made of atoms that are in constant motion even if the rock looks like it’s not moving it is. Everything has a vibrational frequency. That goes the same for humans and their tissues


There is such a thing as electron exchange.  Electrons move around their nuclei constantly in the electron cloud. When atoms share bonds, what that means is the electrons are moving around in the clouds. These electrons are just bouncing around from atom to atom with whom they share a bond.


Expand that thought into the things that are intimate with the body. Clothes… jewelry… deodorant… lotion…. All of these things are composed of atoms that can and WILL influence your atoms. Be careful and mindful what and who you allow near your bodies.


Now if you understand and accept this concept… because some folks reject science… you will be able to master the implications. You should understand that when you touch something, you take a bit of it with you as well as leave a bit of yourself behind. And at some point you should be able to stick your hand through something and walk through walls. I’m serious…. But not serious. That is a really high level of mastery and I wonder if it’s even practical.


I don’t like to be touched against my will. Don’t just assume that I will hug and kiss you. It ain’t that type of party. I don’t like to stand close to folks either. Respect my personal space. I am not light and loose with doctors either. A degree doesn’t get me to open up and let you swap electrons with me.  I don’t like for folks you use my phone and I refuse to use other people’s. Someone else using my phone will leave their essence on the headset. Then when I put face on the same headset I’m getting some of them on/in me. That’s nasty. It’s the same premise of having a man have sex with another woman right before he has sex with you. He is bringing along another person’s energy and juices. This is why the old folks say be careful who you eat or drink after.


Consider this when charging an article for your personal use. This is why body parts are required… hair, nails, bone, saliva urine, blood, etc. It has your particles on it and it will recognize you. I always say work knows work. If you do it, you own it. And this is the reason. When I get something new, like say tarot cards, I keep them with me for a solid week. My energy needs to imprint on them and theirs on me.


Have you ever bought something from a thrift store and feel weird about it for awhile? That is because the energy of the item is not yours. You took the 1st steps by recognizing and purchasing it, but until the previous energy is gone and yours is the only on it, it will feel like you are just borrowing it. This also happens when you purchase something that another has returned or even a used car. Houses and property are notorious holders of energy for generations. Prisons, asylums, plantations all hold onto previous energies.


On a personal level, I don’t wear synthetic fibers if possible. (A cotton bra is ridiculous. It would stretch out and then what would be the point. If I didn’t have to wear a bra, I wouldn’t.) I only want my particles to interact with natural substances. I’m a vegetarian because I only want plant based substances in my system. And I am currently moving from moderately processed foods to all clean eating. I don’t want nasty chemically substances touching me on the inside parts either.







About The HooDoo Honey

I have a familial link and attachment to Rootwork. I strive to share how this culture is seamlessly integrated into my life. I specialize in Laying Tricks, Divination, Personal Protection and Healing. Please be respectful. And don't ask me to work on your behalf unless you know me personally.
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