Laying hands


I don’t like for stray people to touch me. I, in turn, don’t touch people unless I must. I am affectionate with my man. I love to touch him. But we have permission to molest each other and be all up in each others faces. Is it because I’m a cold hearted bitch? Nope. Well maybe a little bit. But “transference of energy” is real. Damn real.

Energy can be transferred by touch. The church (why have I been so churchy these last few posts??? IDK…) has a tradition of “laying hands” when they ordain a new minister. The purpose of doing that is because it follows a train of hand laying from the ministers present and the people how touched them and so on and so on, until Jesus. It’s the formal way of receiving the Holy Ghost. The New Testament associates the laying on of hands with disciples healed the conferral of authority or designation of a person to a position of responsibility.  Acts6:6, Acts 13:3; and 1 Timothy 4:14.

Jesus (was a great conjure man like Moses) healed folks by just touching them. Like the woman with the issue of blood. And in the case of the bloody woman, he felt the energy exit his body. He could also speak healing but that is a more advanced skill. My personal favorite is Matthew 18:19 That’s the touch and agree verse. KSV sounds more conjure-y to me.

“Again I say to you that if two of you agree on earth concerning anything that they ask,

it will be done for them by My Father in heaven “

Basically it is a way to amplify the energies amongst folks for a common goal. I say all the time When someone says they wants something that I want for them. And I put my entire hand in some innocuous non-sexual spot while I say, “on that we will touch and agree”. Because I want to amplify the intention that I agree with. This is why folks hold hands when they say grace or pray. This is why you hold hands when singing anthems. Holding hands is ordinary conjure designed to increase the frequency of an intention.

Now this is a hard thing to incorporate in your work. Most of the work we do, is done alone. And that is just the nature of the work. Part of the power in our work is because folks don’t know what you’re doing. But when working with clients, you could touch over the work. If you are working with another practitioner, then by all means touch. You could be sneaky and host an event deigned to collect energies. I do this a lot. I don’t feel bad about it either. The people in my cipher are good for coming to a party… eat all your food, drink all your liquor and never reciprocate. Why shouldn’t I get something out of the deal? I paid for it. That was my ebos. I bump up against people when I want to snatch some of their energies. I’m a woman who can acknowledge a pretty woman. I will touch pretty women to get some of that pretty energy on me. I avoid the sick and pregnant women. I will get off an elevator when wheelchairs get on. Not my deal. Children are super innocent. I consider hugging a child to be a blessing and I send my energy over them. My intentions are good towards children. I stay away from bad kids… and they out there. Animals like children are innocent. Animals have their own brand of energy to impart. I take it only if they come to me. I don’t chase down animals. You remember that Jesus cast demons into pig that then ran off a cliff.

This is why you must guard yourself at all times. You might be coming in contact with a worker like myself. I don’t hug and kiss folks. Especially if I’m at a church. That’s the worst place. Folks go to church because they want something or because there are guilty of something. That’s the nature of church. But I will embrace children. They are so innocent and they don’t have ulterior motives usually. Boys like to get close to breasts. I’ve noticed that. But they usually aren’t cognizant of it.

Have you ever been in the presence of someone who is depressed and you leave feeling bad? They have transferred that sour energy to you. I had a friend who used to have panic attacks. I never had on. But after spending some quality time with her, I noticed more and more panic until it culminated into an attack. I stopped that foolishness in it’s tracks. My mother is super effective at this. She has a way to draw people into her and then she gives them all her bad internal vibes. I don’t know where she gets these vibes from in the 1st place. She is wicked with it because she is proud of the ability. Consequently, when I enter her presence I make sure to bone up on protections, stay relatively far from her, avoid kissing her on the lips, don’t eat her food, and keep her eye away from me by not looking prosperous. Yes, we have a complicated relationship. But this is how it works for us. I had a psychic revelation that she isn’t my mother. But DNA tells another story.

I have a coworker who wants to give me her bile. I refuse. Would you accept food from just anyone? Hell I won’t accept cash money from a stranger or some even people I know. She’s shown and proven to not be my alike. I stay from her like the plague. I wouldn’t put it past her to through at me because she really HATES me. She wants me to be a receptacle for her bad energy. I reject that. And she must on some level know that I purposefully reject it which causes her to crack up.

Be careful who you invite into your home. Be careful of gifts you accept. Don’t wear street clothes in your bed (or vice versa). Wear gloves, put your hair up and away and be careful who you give rides too. Most folks don’t think to protect their cars and there are so many hiding places in cars. Keep spaces in your home for public use and spaces for private use. Don’t let anyone who isn’t your child or lover sit on your bed. You must be careful who you share space with and stay prayed up/meditating an cleanse yourself often. (at least weekly… daily is best) Transference attacks do happen. Be careful of who touches you!!! People don’t want that shit on them and subconsciously (sometimes consciously if their woke) don’t want that shit on them if they woke. Be ready.



About The HooDoo Honey

I have a familial link and attachment to Rootwork. I strive to share how this culture is seamlessly integrated into my life. I specialize in Laying Tricks, Divination, Personal Protection and Healing. Please be respectful. And don't ask me to work on your behalf unless you know me personally.
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