I’m in a good mood this morning. I’m not telling you why!!! Anywho…

I’m a step into my 5%er shoes and Build here for just a second… There is a difference between Knowing or learning something and Understanding the purpose and/or why it’s used. I am on a lot of forums where I see people asking all manner of stuff for all manner of reasons…. It boggles mind. It is clear that they don’t Understand and essentially “ain’t about this life.”

You do not need someone else’s spell to do work. All you need is an Understanding of how conjure works and how to make various entities and you’re good. You don’t need someone else’s work to figure out what to do. And work that is authentically conjure out of yourself will work better than anything else.

I’m not saying that other folks work doesn’t work. It does. And I’m not saying other folks work doesn’t work well. It will. But finding your own path is what makes Hoodoo… well, Hoodoo.

I’ve worked in scientific research laboratories… y’all ain’t know I was nice like that… And the start of any research was does a search to see if anyone had publish papers with scientific methods that we could use in our research. In order for research to scientifically accepted, it had to be reproducible. So I get why you’d want to collect other folks spells… I don’t like the word ‘spells’ but it’s appropriate…. You want to see how it worked out for them. But your situation is not the same as theirs, nor is your frame of mind. So you need to be able to modify it to suit your needs. Maybe you need something that hasn’t been popularly documented. You need to be able to figure it out. And you cannot do that without Understanding.

So instead of spell collection… which is what a lot of practitioners do…. figure out WHY it works and use that Understanding to personalize YOUR work.

Prv 4:7 “… and with all your getting, get understanding”




About The HooDoo Honey

I have a familial link and attachment to Rootwork. I strive to share how this culture is seamlessly integrated into my life. I specialize in Laying Tricks, Divination, Personal Protection and Healing. Please be respectful. And don't ask me to work on your behalf unless you know me personally.
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