I have mentioned that I don’t do “church” anymore. Organized religion has lost it’s way. It no longer positively effects people’s lives. Church has become a money grabbing institution and organized religion grows more and more terrifying everyday. As of 11/24/2015, Islam seems currently terrifying but I’m a Black woman living in the Bible belt and I find Christianity equally frightening. Remember that slavery was sanctioned by Christianity and the KKK is a Christian organization. Muslims don’t frighten me as much as Christians do, because they don’t have the same access.

But I was raised a Christian so for the most part that leaks into my perspective, but not in the dogmatic way, but in the technique sense. It is what it is…. But the point of this Build is about building energy.

Last night… and really more than I would admit….I felt like jamming on some gospel. Gospel has an energy like I’ve never experienced in any other environment. It can excite you and move you to tears all at the same time. I must admit that I have had true worship experiences in church. I have been moved by unseen energy to act other than self. I have never been able to explain where that comes from. But I can tell you that I feel intensely joyful while it’s happening. I have broken into ‘Holy Ghost” dances and even run through the isles. You really do feel ‘on fire’. Lots of people I share a social equality with, have never experienced this. So they can’t understand why church people do what they does. People who practice ATR will say that it is spiritual possession of Orisha/Lwa/etc. I can’t answer because I don’t know. All I know is that something happens in when you open yourself up.

So What about the club or parties? Though less frequently… I don’t really club… I have had the same kind of partial out of body experience when I’m out. In college, those parties where unreal. I’ve never had a good time since, like I had when I was in college. But while in my 20’s I used to hunt HipHop clubs. True ones weren’t out there like you’d think at that time. But I’d find some and really have a very good time. I look at old videos of young people in Jim Crow times getting their swing dance on. You have to be in the zone to do that proficiently.

When you go out and have a good time versus when you go out and be lame all has to do with preparation. When you know you’re going out you start looking forward to it. You get your car washed, you bathe, you dress… dress well… you look good and smell good. You play your music while you are getting ready. You might even have a shot or two on your way to the spot. By the time you get in the door with like minded people who have also prepared and you are ready. When you go to church on Sunday…. ain’t like you didn’t know Sunday was coming…. It’s the Lord’s Day. You eat probably the best breakfast your gonna eat all week, and you bathe and put on the clothes that you planned to wear. Church clothes tend to be set aside and not used for much else. That makes them holy according to the definition. You may go to Sunday school. If not if you get there on time there is praise and worship time to get you going. And then the choir starts with their machinations. I’ve been in many choirs. There is a build designed in the service. Then the preaching is the pinnacle with the altar pray to collect all a energy. You ever wonder why folks don’t want to leave church when it’s over? They congregate in the parking lot in a good mood. Then you either go out for food or go home to a “Big Mama” dinner.

The high energy manifestations are different as the individuals experiencing it. Rioters have the group energy vibe. Family reunions have sweet vibes that other folks can feel and even see. People at sporting events and/or concerts have this group thing going. I remember after the Zimmerman and OJ Simpson verdicts there were distinct energies happening. Fridays and Mondays both have vibes for people that work square M-F jobs. So it’s out there and you will get it on you. The question is are you going to use it.

So what is the difference between club and church energies? I don’t the the difference is much if any. It’s a build and release of energy. You build it with your prep, and release it in the event. I know folks who go to church every time the church opens and I know folks who club every damn weekend. It’s one in the same. But the folks who club hard don’t church like the church folks. And folks who church don’t club like the club heads. IJS. So don’t judge.

When we work… we need to raise energy. The more praise the more power. That sound familiar? When you work with that energy all over you, your work has no other choice but to be effective. I will guarantee that the work will turn out the way you want, but it will turn out. Turn up to turn out.



About The HooDoo Honey

I have a familial link and attachment to Rootwork. I strive to share how this culture is seamlessly integrated into my life. I specialize in Laying Tricks, Divination, Personal Protection and Healing. Please be respectful. And don't ask me to work on your behalf unless you know me personally.
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