Early Water


2015 was a powerhouse of a conjure year for me. I really got my conjure on and developed no just more effective techniques but it has become a lifestyle. Lifestyle is different from just doing work. When something becomes a lifestyle…. it changes who you are externally and people can see it. The more and more conjure I did, the more I saw the world differently. My thinking changed. I’m not mad at the person I have become.

So now I’m a few weeks deep into the water aspect of my year. Trying to learn all I can from the experience. I’m up to 3 different activities…. (1) Drinking a gallon of water most days. (2) Spiritual baths weekly. And (3) making weekly water offerings.

The drinking is something I should be doing anyway. I can tell I’m drinking enough water from the color of my urine and compression of my tissue. If I’m getting enough water, when I press on a skin covered body part, I should see an accurate outline of what was pressing against me. Drink a lot of water can be dangerous if you do it all at once…. water poisoning is a thing. So I do it all day long. Being careful to stop by 3pm or I won’t be able to make it home without stopping. I’ll drink a little more at home but not so much that I will have to pee during sleep. IJS. I see the ingestion of water as a way to take the water energy inside of me.

Where I live, the closest ocean access is 5 hours away. That isn’t just a day trip… it’s an overnight trip. Also… It’s winter. I’m not going to immerse myself in any water outside my bathroom. I’ve decided to do that more in the summer. I know where I can find some water that I can enter in relative privacy. But that will have to wait until the summer is upon me. I ain’t crazy. And I’m not about to catch cold. The way around that is spiritual baths.

Spiritual bathing was on my 2015 resolution list. I used to to spiritual bathing just on Sabbats. But I upped it to 2/month. At points I was up to 1/week if I was doing a lot of work. And the body wash I use for daily bathing is enchanted. So I am getting it in that way too. But I’m committed to doing spiritual bathing weekly. Also I’m trying out different formulations. We’ll see how it goes. Today is 1-4 so I’ve only got 1 in outside my regular shower.

On 1-1, I started my year off with a walk. It was important for me to walk near a water source. I’m planning to continue to live in this county and I need to become more familiar with it. So walking in parks with lakes and rivers is a must. I burned incense like crazy when I was focusing on air (and I still am!) I want to take offerings to the waters. I decided to take Coca Cola to the lake. I love Coke… and Coke has been known to be a water offering. Here is the thing. My offering was rejected. Let me explain….

I went to the lake… raised energy via walking and music…. centered my purpose…. and made my offering. I waited… and waited…. I didn’t get a response of any kind. I wasn’t alone, nor did I drive myself so I had to leave. I got a juice drink and wheatgrass shot. Then…. I threw up. Now I have been having vertigo issues since last summer. But the vomiting shouldn’t have happened. I made sure to avoid my triggers. What makes me think my offering was rejected was I asked via pendulum if my offering was accepted. And the quick answer was no. A very quick answer. I don’t know what to do with that information.

Did that water not want coke? Did I do something to offend? Was it that particular park? Should I go alone? I didn’t bathe… at all… before the offering. Was that it?

I suppose I need to do more research and do some more before I make flat decisions. It’s the journey and not the destination that’s the hard part.

It’s always a work in progress…..



About The HooDoo Honey

I have a familial link and attachment to Rootwork. I strive to share how this culture is seamlessly integrated into my life. I specialize in Laying Tricks, Divination, Personal Protection and Healing. Please be respectful. And don't ask me to work on your behalf unless you know me personally.
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