Break Up Job


I’m a share some work with you. I’m feeling generous. I don’t normally share my work because I don’t know who’s paying attention. If I tell you everything, then you can use it against me. But this is some work I do that you can do if you want to….. Break Up work

“Hoodoo Honey! That is not nice!!!! Why would you want to break someone up? You will be punished 3-fold for that!”

Ah…. no! this is why I’m not a Wiccan. 1st of all, Wicca is an organized religion. I don’t do organized religion. All those levels and sashes… you can have it. Organized religion keeps it’s followers in place with divine retribution from a mystery god. In Hoodoo/Conjure we have no fear of that. I strive for balance. So with my purification, unhexing, prosperity, love, etc…. I can stop gossip, hex, break up, cause illnesses, etc. And I sleep very well at night.

Here is the work. And it’s not easy. The struggle helps the efficacy. You have to make your own candle…. and I’m assuming you already know how to make a candle. This is what you will need…

A wide vase

Candle making supplies for a LARGE RED candle

Knife that you aren’t going to use again. Make it not big, small is fine, but is should be sharp



Blend equal parts of: Hot foot powder, Lemon verbena, Licorice root & Alum

Personal concern makes it stronger

Clean the vase with ammonia and salt water. Smoke it if you want to. This gets it ready to receive the ingredients. If you have a personal concern allow it to reside in vase a day or so. Always use gloves when handling personal concerns. Don’t get it on you or mix the concern with your energy. You wouldn’t want to inadvertently break up your own romantic relationship… A lot of workers notice that their circumstances follow the work they do for others. And I instantly know they didn’t use gloves. OCD. Its a pet peeve of mine… Anywho… Glue 2 separate wicks down in the bottom of the vase. (the wicks are the long cotton string that gets burned. They are anchored at the bottom with a metal disc. You glue them down with sticky wax which is designed to hold other wax to a non wax surface) Add melted wax… about a 1/5-1/4 the way up the vase and let it cool. This anchors the wicks down. 2 strand twist the wick. Don’t make it super tight because it can pull the wick up from the bottom. Secure it at the top spread apart wide. Add the blended powders (not the barberry) and the personal concerns. Add more wax. Add in increments with the powders so that you have powder all along candle. Allow to cool but not fully. When the last layer of wax is almost cooled sprinkle the top with barberry. Once completely cool, coat the knife with the sulfur and wedge it between the 2 exposed wicks. Not all the way down because then you would tear apart the twisted wicks. Just poke it in. On name paper write the name of the couple you wish to break up. That goes under the vase. Light the candles on a new moon. When all is complete, put the knife in the vase along with the name paper and personal concern. I like to wrap everything up in plastic. That’s my OCD again. Take it to the cemetery and bury it there. Bathe good afterward.

The whats and whys: Don’t you want to know the technicalities behind why the work works?

Red candle: Red is the color of love. You are breaking up a love connection. We are doing candle work because it incorporates the element of fire. Fire is passion yet it’s also dangerous

Twisted wicks: represent the couple. As the wick burns it unravels as their relationship will

Hot foot powder is classically used when you want something bad to happen to another. Combined with the red love candle it will cause bad things to happen in the relationship.

Sulfur is used as a hexing agent.

The knife stuck in the top will drive a wedge between the couple as their relationship unravels.

The barberry sprinkled on top keeps the couple from knowing who did it.

Lemon verbena is a break up herb

Licorice root grants your domination over the targets

Alum blocks communication

New moon: A dark time for the targets a new beginning for you.

If you want to know if it’s working and you can’t see for yourself, divine. Ask your pendulum.

Now if you want to be supersonic funky with it… you could add some confusion oil. You could also engrave their names on either side of the knife. I have an engraver so that’s what I would do. But if you don’t have one, name paper works fine. Also remember this is to break up relationships…. It’s not just for romantic love. You could separate a person from their job, friends, home, drugs, anything.

The point I’m trying to make is to be thoughtful in your work. And know why your doing every element rather than just following a recipe.


About The HooDoo Honey

I have a familial link and attachment to Rootwork. I strive to share how this culture is seamlessly integrated into my life. I specialize in Laying Tricks, Divination, Personal Protection and Healing. Please be respectful. And don't ask me to work on your behalf unless you know me personally.
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