It’s been awhile since I’ve updated… It happens…. I have been bathing, drinking tea and water and offering. All seems to be going well, but there is nothing to report.

I have been taking a class and I want so share some things about it with y’all. I’ve been taking an “Intro to Ifa” class. That’s not the official name. But it is a better description that the one that it officially has. Why would I want to take a class such as this? I’m glad you asked!

Indigenous West African religion lies in what is commonly called ATRs (African Traditional Religion). What really kills me is folks say Africans were originally Muslim. Well….. Africa is the cradle of civilization. And Islam hasn’t been around longer that Christianity. And Africans have been around as long as people existed so….. quit lying!

ATRs got dispersed as enslaved Africans were dispersed. And everywhere Africans ended up, there is a version of ATR. That is, all but in the USA. For some reason the USA stamped out as much of the African religion as they could see. But you can’t control every aspect of any individual’s life. Folks like to think they can… but they cant. So a lot of the ATR tradition lives on in Black churches. Examples include naming the church “African” others include possession by the Holy ghost, shouting, ring shouts, gospel music, drums and so on. And since white people feel comfortable in segregated worship, it went on and continues without their notice. And churches aren’t the only place the Culture hid itself. But you need to be adept to notice. Also, Hoodoo, the way its practiced by American Black people is a remnant of the African practices.

I am a descendant of enslaved ancestors in the USA. I got all the was left, down packed. I want the more traditional energies.

As a non-religious person it seems weird that I would be taking spooky classes. My husband is worried. We are both of the same mind when it comes to religion. But he understands my conjure and knows how important is to me. I’m not planning to to become initiated in Ifa. But I am planning to learn as much as I can about it and make myself “initiation eligible.” I don’t want to initiate… But I do want to be able to go to celebrations from an informed standpoint. But most importantly, I want to add this piece to my puzzle. It would more complete with this information on board.

So that’s what I’ve been up to…


About The HooDoo Honey

I have a familial link and attachment to Rootwork. I strive to share how this culture is seamlessly integrated into my life. I specialize in Laying Tricks, Divination, Personal Protection and Healing. Please be respectful. And don't ask me to work on your behalf unless you know me personally.
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