When I was in my 20’s my Dad was on a rant. Folks do that from time to time. They get mad at someone. But for whatever reason, they can’t express their anger at the person they’re vexed with so they take it out on another person. Usually the person they take it out on is their child, employee, etc. Someone lower on the totem pole who has to take the abuse and can’t complain. I once walked out and quit a job when my boss did that to me. I wanted to quit anyway, and he gave me the opportunity. Any who……

Daddy’s rant came on the heels of his doctor who suggested he have his prostate removed. I asked him why he was struggling with the course of treatment? He was an older man… I, his youngest child was in my 20’s… did he want more children? And if so, with whom!!!! I said, if that’s what the doctors say, and you need to have this done what’s the problem? You can live without a prostate. He turned his head in my direction and I swear he was looking through me… I remember it like it happened 15 minutes ago… and he said…. “You women don’t seem to care about your lady parts. You’ll cut them right out if the doctor says so. I don’t intend to let anyone touch my manly parts. And if leaving them right where they are means I gotta die… The death it is. “ My mother had an hysterectomy without his permission. He said something similar to her. He never forgave her for that. Back them married women needed permission to sterilize themselves. But her male doctor went on did it because he didn’t like my father. SMH…. All she had was fibroids! Her doctor told her they would kill her. Mommie was there when I had my myomectomy and the doctor said fibroids aren’t cancerous. Plus they go away at menopause. You should have seen her face.

I wasn’t woke back then. But now that I am… I see the wisdom in my father’s words.

I have never thought that having children defined me as a woman. I still don’t. But I do see that my, as my Daddy called them, lady parts do define me as a woman. I have come to learn that my uterus and reproductive parts are the seat of my power.

There is a BIG difference in how women’s reproductive issues are treated and how men’s reproductive issues are treated. For women…. just cut out the offending organ. For men…. fix and save everything!!! I have to ask myself… why the difference?

The conspiracy theorist in me is saying there is a reason why they want women’s uteruses. Especially when the money is always in treatment rather than excision. I have had friends go to their GYNs to get new birth control pill prescriptions and come out with hysterectomies. How does an asymptomatic woman woman just NEED a hysterectomy. And guess what? They have it! I had a friends tell me her doctor told her since she wasn’t using it she should have it out. She was 35, unmarried without children. But she went on and guess what happened? She found her husband but she can’t have the children she desperately wanted.

But moving on the metaphysical side… What is the difference between men and women? Their genitals and hormone make up. Lots of hormones come from the pituitary, but some are made in the ovaries. Has anyone ever answered the question of what happens to the body when you remove organs that the hormones act on? Did you tell the pituitary gland that there is no uterus? As a woman I have a regalness that is natural to me(and all women). That innate regalness (I know it’s not a real word) is recognized by the entire world. That mother wisdom that women have… the nurturing instinct that women have…. the natural psychicness that women have…. all comes from somewhere. It’s within our core. And that core is the uterus. Men have their core… and they don’t touch it. Yet they strive to rob us of our core…..

So what does that mean? Take care of your uterus. Don’ t abuse it. If it’s already damaged, find ways to heal it. Listen to your own mind and don’t be led in the wrong direction. Stop being nonchalant about your uterus, ovaries and tubes. You don’t see men/doctors trying to block up the vagina do you? And if it’s too late… cultivate power from a different chakra. But remember, everyone has that chakra.

I’m not saying that if you have cancer, you should just die rather than having a hysterectomy. If the Universe sent you that jewel, you gotta roll with it. I am saying be mindful about what you do with parts that don’t regenerate. You have that one shot. You can’t live with a heavy cycle for 5 days out of 30? What kind of punk bitch are you?

You don’t have to agree with me. Many of you won’t. That’s okay. This space is for the information and understanding in my own head. But think about it before you discard the post. There is value to you’re uterus. Its what makes you you. Remember that.


About The HooDoo Honey

I have a familial link and attachment to Rootwork. I strive to share how this culture is seamlessly integrated into my life. I specialize in Laying Tricks, Divination, Personal Protection and Healing. Please be respectful. And don't ask me to work on your behalf unless you know me personally.
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