Widows and Orphans


I was a widow for 13 years. My 1st husband died in 2003 and I didn’t remarry until 2015. Something that folks don’t realized is that there are 2 protected people in this realm of existence for this time in space. And those 2 people are Widows and Orphans.

Logically looking at things, widows and orphans are the most vulnerable of humans. Orphan vulnerability is obvious. Parentless children are completely helpless and have to rely on the generosity of others. Adult have developed common sense. Children don’t. If an adult sees a pot on a stove, they know not to mess with it. Children… not so much. Adults know how to cross the street, earn income and pay their bills. Adults know how to secure resources for themselves. Children don’t. And if the child happens to be unfortunate looking….. Children are protected by the universe. Meaning if you do something to hurt them… you will meet the Universe’s wrath. And you don’t want that.

Widows are defined as women whose husbands have died. This order of protection doesn’t extend to men. This age has not come out of patriarchy. Men run things and don’t need this type of assistance. Women are either protected by their fathers or their husbands. In many Cultures that still hearken to traditional practices, when women marry they move in with their husbands and become his responsibility. So she is passed from one owner to another like chattel. Should that husband die…. who will protect her? She could go back to her father. But what if he doesn’t want her back? He has that right. What if her husband’s family doesn’t want her? Technically they are supposed to take care of her until she dies or finds another husband. If her son is old enough to offer his shield then that woman is not a true widow. Also if she is attractive, she isn’t considered a true widow. But we know that isn’t always the case. And if she has children…… So the universe protects widows and orphans.

Why did I bring this up? Since the Universe looks out for orphans and widows… that means that their work will be stronger. I’m not a widow any longer. I’ve not seen that reflected in my work… but I did see the widow protection in my life for those years. People who tried to take advantage came to bad … really bad ends… where I could see it. Some folks even got dead. Don’t fuck with orphans and widows.

Additionally, don’t strive to be one.


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Break Up Job


I’m a share some work with you. I’m feeling generous. I don’t normally share my work because I don’t know who’s paying attention. If I tell you everything, then you can use it against me. But this is some work I do that you can do if you want to….. Break Up work

“Hoodoo Honey! That is not nice!!!! Why would you want to break someone up? You will be punished 3-fold for that!”

Ah…. no! this is why I’m not a Wiccan. 1st of all, Wicca is an organized religion. I don’t do organized religion. All those levels and sashes… you can have it. Organized religion keeps it’s followers in place with divine retribution from a mystery god. In Hoodoo/Conjure we have no fear of that. I strive for balance. So with my purification, unhexing, prosperity, love, etc…. I can stop gossip, hex, break up, cause illnesses, etc. And I sleep very well at night.

Here is the work. And it’s not easy. The struggle helps the efficacy. You have to make your own candle…. and I’m assuming you already know how to make a candle. This is what you will need…

A wide vase

Candle making supplies for a LARGE RED candle

Knife that you aren’t going to use again. Make it not big, small is fine, but is should be sharp



Blend equal parts of: Hot foot powder, Lemon verbena, Licorice root & Alum

Personal concern makes it stronger

Clean the vase with ammonia and salt water. Smoke it if you want to. This gets it ready to receive the ingredients. If you have a personal concern allow it to reside in vase a day or so. Always use gloves when handling personal concerns. Don’t get it on you or mix the concern with your energy. You wouldn’t want to inadvertently break up your own romantic relationship… A lot of workers notice that their circumstances follow the work they do for others. And I instantly know they didn’t use gloves. OCD. Its a pet peeve of mine… Anywho… Glue 2 separate wicks down in the bottom of the vase. (the wicks are the long cotton string that gets burned. They are anchored at the bottom with a metal disc. You glue them down with sticky wax which is designed to hold other wax to a non wax surface) Add melted wax… about a 1/5-1/4 the way up the vase and let it cool. This anchors the wicks down. 2 strand twist the wick. Don’t make it super tight because it can pull the wick up from the bottom. Secure it at the top spread apart wide. Add the blended powders (not the barberry) and the personal concerns. Add more wax. Add in increments with the powders so that you have powder all along candle. Allow to cool but not fully. When the last layer of wax is almost cooled sprinkle the top with barberry. Once completely cool, coat the knife with the sulfur and wedge it between the 2 exposed wicks. Not all the way down because then you would tear apart the twisted wicks. Just poke it in. On name paper write the name of the couple you wish to break up. That goes under the vase. Light the candles on a new moon. When all is complete, put the knife in the vase along with the name paper and personal concern. I like to wrap everything up in plastic. That’s my OCD again. Take it to the cemetery and bury it there. Bathe good afterward.

The whats and whys: Don’t you want to know the technicalities behind why the work works?

Red candle: Red is the color of love. You are breaking up a love connection. We are doing candle work because it incorporates the element of fire. Fire is passion yet it’s also dangerous

Twisted wicks: represent the couple. As the wick burns it unravels as their relationship will

Hot foot powder is classically used when you want something bad to happen to another. Combined with the red love candle it will cause bad things to happen in the relationship.

Sulfur is used as a hexing agent.

The knife stuck in the top will drive a wedge between the couple as their relationship unravels.

The barberry sprinkled on top keeps the couple from knowing who did it.

Lemon verbena is a break up herb

Licorice root grants your domination over the targets

Alum blocks communication

New moon: A dark time for the targets a new beginning for you.

If you want to know if it’s working and you can’t see for yourself, divine. Ask your pendulum.

Now if you want to be supersonic funky with it… you could add some confusion oil. You could also engrave their names on either side of the knife. I have an engraver so that’s what I would do. But if you don’t have one, name paper works fine. Also remember this is to break up relationships…. It’s not just for romantic love. You could separate a person from their job, friends, home, drugs, anything.

The point I’m trying to make is to be thoughtful in your work. And know why your doing every element rather than just following a recipe.


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Fate or Free Will


This is something that has been floating through my mental and I just wanted to let it out….

Some folks believe in free will… others believe in fate. I believe that both can peacefully coexist.

I have been playing a game on my phone called Episode. In the game you get to make choices about the development of the story. Seems like if you can make decisions about the direction of the story… then the outcome should be different for each person playing the game. It’s not. Everyone who gets to the end… gets to the same end.

I used to teach adults in a vocational school. One of my former students claimed to be a psychic. She was discussing her “ability”(As one with empathic abilities of my own… she had no abilities. What she had was a con) and she made a point I hadn’t considered…. Psychics forecast the future as it is at that moment. You can change it. If you have been predicted to have 6 children and you don’t want any, you can get your tubes tied. That makes sense the way she put it. But still, I disagree.

Fate speaks of the Destination. Free Will speaks of the journey. Those are 2 different designations.

Fate is defined as the development of events beyond a person’s control. Free will is defined as the power of acting without the constraint of necessity or fate; the ability to act at one’s own discretion. These definitions do not make the two mutually exclusive.

We all are born and we all will die. Birth and Death are fate for us all. But in the meantime, what you do with your life is you’re own free will. If you decide to be president, a serial killer or a beautician that is all on you. That is a very obvious example but it works.

In the above “psychic” explanation, you may in fact sterilize yourself so you won’t bear 6 children. But what happens if your brother and sister in law die in a tragic accident and you end up with their children? Or you marry a man with 6 children? It could still happen even though you took steps to prevent it. The only way to escape “fate” is to kill yourself after a reading you don’t like. And I doubt very much that folks would do that.

So there it is…


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Early Water


2015 was a powerhouse of a conjure year for me. I really got my conjure on and developed no just more effective techniques but it has become a lifestyle. Lifestyle is different from just doing work. When something becomes a lifestyle…. it changes who you are externally and people can see it. The more and more conjure I did, the more I saw the world differently. My thinking changed. I’m not mad at the person I have become.

So now I’m a few weeks deep into the water aspect of my year. Trying to learn all I can from the experience. I’m up to 3 different activities…. (1) Drinking a gallon of water most days. (2) Spiritual baths weekly. And (3) making weekly water offerings.

The drinking is something I should be doing anyway. I can tell I’m drinking enough water from the color of my urine and compression of my tissue. If I’m getting enough water, when I press on a skin covered body part, I should see an accurate outline of what was pressing against me. Drink a lot of water can be dangerous if you do it all at once…. water poisoning is a thing. So I do it all day long. Being careful to stop by 3pm or I won’t be able to make it home without stopping. I’ll drink a little more at home but not so much that I will have to pee during sleep. IJS. I see the ingestion of water as a way to take the water energy inside of me.

Where I live, the closest ocean access is 5 hours away. That isn’t just a day trip… it’s an overnight trip. Also… It’s winter. I’m not going to immerse myself in any water outside my bathroom. I’ve decided to do that more in the summer. I know where I can find some water that I can enter in relative privacy. But that will have to wait until the summer is upon me. I ain’t crazy. And I’m not about to catch cold. The way around that is spiritual baths.

Spiritual bathing was on my 2015 resolution list. I used to to spiritual bathing just on Sabbats. But I upped it to 2/month. At points I was up to 1/week if I was doing a lot of work. And the body wash I use for daily bathing is enchanted. So I am getting it in that way too. But I’m committed to doing spiritual bathing weekly. Also I’m trying out different formulations. We’ll see how it goes. Today is 1-4 so I’ve only got 1 in outside my regular shower.

On 1-1, I started my year off with a walk. It was important for me to walk near a water source. I’m planning to continue to live in this county and I need to become more familiar with it. So walking in parks with lakes and rivers is a must. I burned incense like crazy when I was focusing on air (and I still am!) I want to take offerings to the waters. I decided to take Coca Cola to the lake. I love Coke… and Coke has been known to be a water offering. Here is the thing. My offering was rejected. Let me explain….

I went to the lake… raised energy via walking and music…. centered my purpose…. and made my offering. I waited… and waited…. I didn’t get a response of any kind. I wasn’t alone, nor did I drive myself so I had to leave. I got a juice drink and wheatgrass shot. Then…. I threw up. Now I have been having vertigo issues since last summer. But the vomiting shouldn’t have happened. I made sure to avoid my triggers. What makes me think my offering was rejected was I asked via pendulum if my offering was accepted. And the quick answer was no. A very quick answer. I don’t know what to do with that information.

Did that water not want coke? Did I do something to offend? Was it that particular park? Should I go alone? I didn’t bathe… at all… before the offering. Was that it?

I suppose I need to do more research and do some more before I make flat decisions. It’s the journey and not the destination that’s the hard part.

It’s always a work in progress…..


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Magic Magcit


I have been doing some intense end of the year cleansings inside my house. At one point I had a smudge going so strong that both my smoke detectors were going off. I was satisfied with what I had happening. But I felt like my man and I had been blocked.

When you are making boss moves… don’t tell folks about it until you’ve succeeded. (1) its none of their business. “Happy is the man that can keep his own counsel….” I totally made up that scripture but it sounded good. And (2) the evil eye is real. I know the urban adage is, “ make your haters your motivators.” And if you need it like that do you…. but I don’t need it like that. I would much rather drop Knowledge on what I have rather than what I’m planning. Folks can frustrate you in the planning stage.

So my hubby and I did some spiritual bathing… We performed some block buster work and the results were surprising. You ever get the feeling that someone who is saying all the right things to your face is laying a trick at your feet? Well that’s what happened. Everyone smiling and patting you on the back ain’t in your camp. But equally surprising is… I got constipated.

When you do a cleansing, you should get clean… inside and out. Also, shark week was coming upon me. I can’t speak for all women, when my cycle hits, everything releases. But it didn’t this time even with my block buster work. So what to do?

I like magnessium citrate. Essential a salt water flush. Works quick and thoroughly without making you sick like a salt water flush can do.. MagCit is a WONDERFUL laxative, but it isn’t conjure until you put some juju on it. And by juju, I mean you charge it. Since this is going to be ingested, Don’t add anything to it like oils and herbs. NO. That could make you very sick. But what I like to do to charge it is place a small amount in a cup. Place said cup in a pyramid. And raise energy all around it. Pyramids have a way of amplifying powers. I would set it out under a waning moon to charge but I have too many critters for that and the weather is bad. I don’t want to fuck up the solution. Especially since I’m going to drink it.

See here is the thing… the magcit is gonna work regardless to whether you charge it or not. Unless you work at a magcit plant, you aren’t making this from scratch. The fact that it works is science and not conjure. What makes it conjure is the intention for which you use it and how you prepare it. That’s really the way all of this works. Intentions intensified.


PS: for some extra oomph…. Writ the name of a person you dislike on the toilet paper and wipe your ass with it when you shit. Then flush it down the toilet……

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Too Much


I had a headache all weekend. I HATE not feeling well when I’m being paid to not be at work. It wasn’t ugly. It was pretty low grade. But it was significant enough to warrant me to think that maybe someone was throwing at me.

When you start thinking like this you need to back off and do something mindless.

Every illness ain’t root. Every bad thing that happens to you ain’t conjure either. Folks get sick. It happens. Doesn’t mean someone has thrown at you.

I can tell how deep I’ve traveled down the rabbit hole. I have been spending a LOT of time on conjure this year. I ‘d say that my practice is bigger than it’s EVER been. It’s evolving. I’m doing some things I never considered before. I’ve integrated conjure into my daily existence rather than just when I need it. And it’s kinda taking over. I don’t think it’s too terrible… I can still get things done mundanely… but I’ve noticed it’s changed my thinking.

In September, My skirt tore oddly; the back separated completely. I was assed out in Lowes. That has NEVER happened before. I was in SC and I just knew someone had thrown at me. It prompted some cleansings and some wards. I feel better. Like literally I can feel it and I’m better. Since deciding to learn and become more proficient in the darker aspects of conjure, I’ve a few targets for practice which has required more wards and more cleansings. So to think that someone might be throwing back me is not unreasonable. B.U.T…. in this day and age, folks don’t think as I do. The reason it’s easy to throw at folks is because folks no longer know how to counteract the work. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel.

So… I got out my trusty pendulum. And asked it to show me yes. (You always ask a question in the most positive way possible). It did. I asked it if someone was throwing at me and that’s what caused my headache. It said no. so I conjured my headache away with aspirin. It worked.


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My air season has passed. Yay!!! Not yay because I was ready for it to end, but because I’m excited to move on.

During the Air season, I really stepped up my tarot game. My reading have been consistently accurate. I got my ancestor thing going on. I can’t speak on it’s effectiveness, but it’s there. I’ve been communing with my guides and my meditation has been on point. I’ve begun working with thought forms. This is really new and exciting to me. Just because I’m moving to a different element, doesn’t mean that I am abandoning the things I’ve been working. I’m adding on.

This next season… the winter season is water. I thought it would be easy to do more water work, but its not been so easy. Nothing is ever easy. Right now….. my initial plans are to drink more water…. 1 gallon/day for 90 days…. and investigate more watery locations in my county. When I lived in DeKalb county I had an easier time getting close to water. Rivers, streams… I could even bathe in a river! Fulton county is so much more difficult to find available sources of water that are private enough for me to do my offerings, and disposals. I think of returning to Dekalb every day. But… There are other things I want to do that that county doesn’t allow. Plus all the jobs are in this county. And it ain’t like I just can’t drive over. So…..

When I read other pagan/conjure blogs, some times they have different correspondences for the elements. I got mine form where I got most of my practice. From my folks. But I don’t do what doesn’t make sense. The summer is fire, because summers are hot. The opposite of fire is water and opposite of summer is winter. So winter gets water. I find it interesting… actually ironic… that to celebrate the winter solstice you do so with lights and fire and to celebrate the summer solstice, you do it at the water. But…. it is what it is…


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