Early Water


2015 was a powerhouse of a conjure year for me. I really got my conjure on and developed no just more effective techniques but it has become a lifestyle. Lifestyle is different from just doing work. When something becomes a lifestyle…. it changes who you are externally and people can see it. The more and more conjure I did, the more I saw the world differently. My thinking changed. I’m not mad at the person I have become.

So now I’m a few weeks deep into the water aspect of my year. Trying to learn all I can from the experience. I’m up to 3 different activities…. (1) Drinking a gallon of water most days. (2) Spiritual baths weekly. And (3) making weekly water offerings.

The drinking is something I should be doing anyway. I can tell I’m drinking enough water from the color of my urine and compression of my tissue. If I’m getting enough water, when I press on a skin covered body part, I should see an accurate outline of what was pressing against me. Drink a lot of water can be dangerous if you do it all at once…. water poisoning is a thing. So I do it all day long. Being careful to stop by 3pm or I won’t be able to make it home without stopping. I’ll drink a little more at home but not so much that I will have to pee during sleep. IJS. I see the ingestion of water as a way to take the water energy inside of me.

Where I live, the closest ocean access is 5 hours away. That isn’t just a day trip… it’s an overnight trip. Also… It’s winter. I’m not going to immerse myself in any water outside my bathroom. I’ve decided to do that more in the summer. I know where I can find some water that I can enter in relative privacy. But that will have to wait until the summer is upon me. I ain’t crazy. And I’m not about to catch cold. The way around that is spiritual baths.

Spiritual bathing was on my 2015 resolution list. I used to to spiritual bathing just on Sabbats. But I upped it to 2/month. At points I was up to 1/week if I was doing a lot of work. And the body wash I use for daily bathing is enchanted. So I am getting it in that way too. But I’m committed to doing spiritual bathing weekly. Also I’m trying out different formulations. We’ll see how it goes. Today is 1-4 so I’ve only got 1 in outside my regular shower.

On 1-1, I started my year off with a walk. It was important for me to walk near a water source. I’m planning to continue to live in this county and I need to become more familiar with it. So walking in parks with lakes and rivers is a must. I burned incense like crazy when I was focusing on air (and I still am!) I want to take offerings to the waters. I decided to take Coca Cola to the lake. I love Coke… and Coke has been known to be a water offering. Here is the thing. My offering was rejected. Let me explain….

I went to the lake… raised energy via walking and music…. centered my purpose…. and made my offering. I waited… and waited…. I didn’t get a response of any kind. I wasn’t alone, nor did I drive myself so I had to leave. I got a juice drink and wheatgrass shot. Then…. I threw up. Now I have been having vertigo issues since last summer. But the vomiting shouldn’t have happened. I made sure to avoid my triggers. What makes me think my offering was rejected was I asked via pendulum if my offering was accepted. And the quick answer was no. A very quick answer. I don’t know what to do with that information.

Did that water not want coke? Did I do something to offend? Was it that particular park? Should I go alone? I didn’t bathe… at all… before the offering. Was that it?

I suppose I need to do more research and do some more before I make flat decisions. It’s the journey and not the destination that’s the hard part.

It’s always a work in progress…..


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Magic Magcit


I have been doing some intense end of the year cleansings inside my house. At one point I had a smudge going so strong that both my smoke detectors were going off. I was satisfied with what I had happening. But I felt like my man and I had been blocked.

When you are making boss moves… don’t tell folks about it until you’ve succeeded. (1) its none of their business. “Happy is the man that can keep his own counsel….” I totally made up that scripture but it sounded good. And (2) the evil eye is real. I know the urban adage is, “ make your haters your motivators.” And if you need it like that do you…. but I don’t need it like that. I would much rather drop Knowledge on what I have rather than what I’m planning. Folks can frustrate you in the planning stage.

So my hubby and I did some spiritual bathing… We performed some block buster work and the results were surprising. You ever get the feeling that someone who is saying all the right things to your face is laying a trick at your feet? Well that’s what happened. Everyone smiling and patting you on the back ain’t in your camp. But equally surprising is… I got constipated.

When you do a cleansing, you should get clean… inside and out. Also, shark week was coming upon me. I can’t speak for all women, when my cycle hits, everything releases. But it didn’t this time even with my block buster work. So what to do?

I like magnessium citrate. Essential a salt water flush. Works quick and thoroughly without making you sick like a salt water flush can do.. MagCit is a WONDERFUL laxative, but it isn’t conjure until you put some juju on it. And by juju, I mean you charge it. Since this is going to be ingested, Don’t add anything to it like oils and herbs. NO. That could make you very sick. But what I like to do to charge it is place a small amount in a cup. Place said cup in a pyramid. And raise energy all around it. Pyramids have a way of amplifying powers. I would set it out under a waning moon to charge but I have too many critters for that and the weather is bad. I don’t want to fuck up the solution. Especially since I’m going to drink it.

See here is the thing… the magcit is gonna work regardless to whether you charge it or not. Unless you work at a magcit plant, you aren’t making this from scratch. The fact that it works is science and not conjure. What makes it conjure is the intention for which you use it and how you prepare it. That’s really the way all of this works. Intentions intensified.


PS: for some extra oomph…. Writ the name of a person you dislike on the toilet paper and wipe your ass with it when you shit. Then flush it down the toilet……

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Too Much


I had a headache all weekend. I HATE not feeling well when I’m being paid to not be at work. It wasn’t ugly. It was pretty low grade. But it was significant enough to warrant me to think that maybe someone was throwing at me.

When you start thinking like this you need to back off and do something mindless.

Every illness ain’t root. Every bad thing that happens to you ain’t conjure either. Folks get sick. It happens. Doesn’t mean someone has thrown at you.

I can tell how deep I’ve traveled down the rabbit hole. I have been spending a LOT of time on conjure this year. I ‘d say that my practice is bigger than it’s EVER been. It’s evolving. I’m doing some things I never considered before. I’ve integrated conjure into my daily existence rather than just when I need it. And it’s kinda taking over. I don’t think it’s too terrible… I can still get things done mundanely… but I’ve noticed it’s changed my thinking.

In September, My skirt tore oddly; the back separated completely. I was assed out in Lowes. That has NEVER happened before. I was in SC and I just knew someone had thrown at me. It prompted some cleansings and some wards. I feel better. Like literally I can feel it and I’m better. Since deciding to learn and become more proficient in the darker aspects of conjure, I’ve a few targets for practice which has required more wards and more cleansings. So to think that someone might be throwing back me is not unreasonable. B.U.T…. in this day and age, folks don’t think as I do. The reason it’s easy to throw at folks is because folks no longer know how to counteract the work. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel.

So… I got out my trusty pendulum. And asked it to show me yes. (You always ask a question in the most positive way possible). It did. I asked it if someone was throwing at me and that’s what caused my headache. It said no. so I conjured my headache away with aspirin. It worked.


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My air season has passed. Yay!!! Not yay because I was ready for it to end, but because I’m excited to move on.

During the Air season, I really stepped up my tarot game. My reading have been consistently accurate. I got my ancestor thing going on. I can’t speak on it’s effectiveness, but it’s there. I’ve been communing with my guides and my meditation has been on point. I’ve begun working with thought forms. This is really new and exciting to me. Just because I’m moving to a different element, doesn’t mean that I am abandoning the things I’ve been working. I’m adding on.

This next season… the winter season is water. I thought it would be easy to do more water work, but its not been so easy. Nothing is ever easy. Right now….. my initial plans are to drink more water…. 1 gallon/day for 90 days…. and investigate more watery locations in my county. When I lived in DeKalb county I had an easier time getting close to water. Rivers, streams… I could even bathe in a river! Fulton county is so much more difficult to find available sources of water that are private enough for me to do my offerings, and disposals. I think of returning to Dekalb every day. But… There are other things I want to do that that county doesn’t allow. Plus all the jobs are in this county. And it ain’t like I just can’t drive over. So…..

When I read other pagan/conjure blogs, some times they have different correspondences for the elements. I got mine form where I got most of my practice. From my folks. But I don’t do what doesn’t make sense. The summer is fire, because summers are hot. The opposite of fire is water and opposite of summer is winter. So winter gets water. I find it interesting… actually ironic… that to celebrate the winter solstice you do so with lights and fire and to celebrate the summer solstice, you do it at the water. But…. it is what it is…


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I have mentioned that I don’t do “church” anymore. Organized religion has lost it’s way. It no longer positively effects people’s lives. Church has become a money grabbing institution and organized religion grows more and more terrifying everyday. As of 11/24/2015, Islam seems currently terrifying but I’m a Black woman living in the Bible belt and I find Christianity equally frightening. Remember that slavery was sanctioned by Christianity and the KKK is a Christian organization. Muslims don’t frighten me as much as Christians do, because they don’t have the same access.

But I was raised a Christian so for the most part that leaks into my perspective, but not in the dogmatic way, but in the technique sense. It is what it is…. But the point of this Build is about building energy.

Last night… and really more than I would admit….I felt like jamming on some gospel. Gospel has an energy like I’ve never experienced in any other environment. It can excite you and move you to tears all at the same time. I must admit that I have had true worship experiences in church. I have been moved by unseen energy to act other than self. I have never been able to explain where that comes from. But I can tell you that I feel intensely joyful while it’s happening. I have broken into ‘Holy Ghost” dances and even run through the isles. You really do feel ‘on fire’. Lots of people I share a social equality with, have never experienced this. So they can’t understand why church people do what they does. People who practice ATR will say that it is spiritual possession of Orisha/Lwa/etc. I can’t answer because I don’t know. All I know is that something happens in when you open yourself up.

So What about the club or parties? Though less frequently… I don’t really club… I have had the same kind of partial out of body experience when I’m out. In college, those parties where unreal. I’ve never had a good time since, like I had when I was in college. But while in my 20’s I used to hunt HipHop clubs. True ones weren’t out there like you’d think at that time. But I’d find some and really have a very good time. I look at old videos of young people in Jim Crow times getting their swing dance on. You have to be in the zone to do that proficiently.

When you go out and have a good time versus when you go out and be lame all has to do with preparation. When you know you’re going out you start looking forward to it. You get your car washed, you bathe, you dress… dress well… you look good and smell good. You play your music while you are getting ready. You might even have a shot or two on your way to the spot. By the time you get in the door with like minded people who have also prepared and you are ready. When you go to church on Sunday…. ain’t like you didn’t know Sunday was coming…. It’s the Lord’s Day. You eat probably the best breakfast your gonna eat all week, and you bathe and put on the clothes that you planned to wear. Church clothes tend to be set aside and not used for much else. That makes them holy according to the definition. You may go to Sunday school. If not if you get there on time there is praise and worship time to get you going. And then the choir starts with their machinations. I’ve been in many choirs. There is a build designed in the service. Then the preaching is the pinnacle with the altar pray to collect all a energy. You ever wonder why folks don’t want to leave church when it’s over? They congregate in the parking lot in a good mood. Then you either go out for food or go home to a “Big Mama” dinner.

The high energy manifestations are different as the individuals experiencing it. Rioters have the group energy vibe. Family reunions have sweet vibes that other folks can feel and even see. People at sporting events and/or concerts have this group thing going. I remember after the Zimmerman and OJ Simpson verdicts there were distinct energies happening. Fridays and Mondays both have vibes for people that work square M-F jobs. So it’s out there and you will get it on you. The question is are you going to use it.

So what is the difference between club and church energies? I don’t the the difference is much if any. It’s a build and release of energy. You build it with your prep, and release it in the event. I know folks who go to church every time the church opens and I know folks who club every damn weekend. It’s one in the same. But the folks who club hard don’t church like the church folks. And folks who church don’t club like the club heads. IJS. So don’t judge.

When we work… we need to raise energy. The more praise the more power. That sound familiar? When you work with that energy all over you, your work has no other choice but to be effective. I will guarantee that the work will turn out the way you want, but it will turn out. Turn up to turn out.


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I’m in a good mood this morning. I’m not telling you why!!! Anywho…

I’m a step into my 5%er shoes and Build here for just a second… There is a difference between Knowing or learning something and Understanding the purpose and/or why it’s used. I am on a lot of forums where I see people asking all manner of stuff for all manner of reasons…. It boggles mind. It is clear that they don’t Understand and essentially “ain’t about this life.”

You do not need someone else’s spell to do work. All you need is an Understanding of how conjure works and how to make various entities and you’re good. You don’t need someone else’s work to figure out what to do. And work that is authentically conjure out of yourself will work better than anything else.

I’m not saying that other folks work doesn’t work. It does. And I’m not saying other folks work doesn’t work well. It will. But finding your own path is what makes Hoodoo… well, Hoodoo.

I’ve worked in scientific research laboratories… y’all ain’t know I was nice like that… And the start of any research was does a search to see if anyone had publish papers with scientific methods that we could use in our research. In order for research to scientifically accepted, it had to be reproducible. So I get why you’d want to collect other folks spells… I don’t like the word ‘spells’ but it’s appropriate…. You want to see how it worked out for them. But your situation is not the same as theirs, nor is your frame of mind. So you need to be able to modify it to suit your needs. Maybe you need something that hasn’t been popularly documented. You need to be able to figure it out. And you cannot do that without Understanding.

So instead of spell collection… which is what a lot of practitioners do…. figure out WHY it works and use that Understanding to personalize YOUR work.

Prv 4:7 “… and with all your getting, get understanding”



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As part of my elemental work focused on –Air– I have been really working on my divination skills. I thought before as I think now… you really shouldn’t be doing divinations for yourself. I’m doing it because I’m striving to learn something. But it is sooooooooo hard to be objective when reading for yourself.

Some differences between reading for yourself vs reading others is you already know everything there is to know with regard to the situation (at least from your perspective) when you read for yourself. You don’t withhold information from yourself when reading yourself. Also you don’t need to do a lot of super duper prep and clean up after you read for yourself. I just don’t like self readings. I’m doing it now because I want to get better at readings… I might hang a shingle one day. You don’t know…

When you read for other people… You must prepare.. then you must clean up. When folks come into your space, they bring with themselves energy. Unless you can easily discern the energy, then you don’t know what it is. Assume the client has spirit guides, because they do. They come into a shared space with your guides and maybe that’s not compatible situation. Maybe they have nasty attachments on them. Maybe the person has ill intentions toward you. Maybe you just don’t like them. All this plays a role in your own personal protection so it would behoove you to set up your space in preparation for the reading.

When the client leaves… cleanse that energy away from you. Even if the client seemed like springtime walking all up and through. And your workroom now has flowers and ivy growing on the walls from your client’s energy. Get. Rid. Of. It. That is not your energy. It’s theirs. It’s not for you. Energy that’s not for you won’t work for you. Smudge and smoke that shit way from you with open windows. Change the water… do whatever it is you do to quickly cleanse a space. My space is warded to the gills. If you can walk in and not crack up, that’s the 1st test. There is incense burning in my house when I expect folks to come. Even folks I know. You don’t know what is going on with them. I make my own candles… It’s not that hard…. Make the candles with purification herbs and accouterments. I burn on the surface that I’m reading. Folks expect a candle to burn anyway. There are crystals strategically placed. Tiger’s eye… onyx…. citrine… I’ll sweep the bad juju out with a ceremonial broom dedicated to that 1 intention. I’ll spray my floorwash, that I use to clean most surfaces in my rest. I don’t take on other folks issues. You can’t pay me to do that. And at the end of the day… a spiritual shower if not a bath. I’m not taking on you bs. Jesus didn’t do that. You can’t ask me to do that

Here is something I have learned. I don’t know why I hadn’t considered this before… If you need a yes or no answer…. don’t reach for your cards. Reach for your pendulum.

I’ve had my pendulum from near the beginning of my practice. It looks brand new. I have never enjoyed using it because it seems like the answers were vague. You know who cleared it up for me? Dick Gregory. I watch youtube videos when I sew. And Elder Gregory is one of my favorites. He’s on some new shit. He doesn’t adhere to standard xianity, but some universal type system. I can get with that. He was giving a lecture and pulled out a pendulum and said to it, “show me yes.” It started moving. Booyah!

I grabbed mine and repeated the technique and it was perfect. All the questions I asked it during that session was accurate. I was geeked. The next time I went to use it, I didn’t ask it to show me where yes was because I remembered it from before. The answers were just as muddy as they had been previously. I said to myself that maybe this ain’t for me. And back in the crystal case it went. During a meditation session, my spirit guides told me… they aren’t nice to me…. that the reason why the pendulum wasn’t working for me was because I didn’t ask it the direction every time I used it. I was confused. But….dig this…. my pendulum is round. How would I know how I’m holding it? It’s not marked. So if I don’t ask where yes is I can’t assume that it’s accurate. Damn……

Pendulums don’t give you layers of answers or advice. You get yes… no… and possibly/unclear. Cards give too much information. It’s a matter of the right tool for the right job.


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Holy Days


I need to take a day to work. Ideologically, I should be able to do a little something something every day. But the reality of it is it doesn’t happen. I suppose I could work on adding a moment where I can daily light a candle or make and monitor a reagent or something. I get home… the hair comes down… the bra comes off and I’m done for the night. Even my old man begs me to “leave your bra on just a little longer” when he wants me to do something.

And why shouldn’t I take a day? A whole entire day? I mean every religion has a day of the week that’s holy to them. Why not conjure? The hesitate because all days have their own correspondence energy. I don’t want to lose out on that. But in the big picture, I’m missing out on a lot because of mundane activities zapping my energy. And work you do while your energy is low, perpetuates low energy. I could raise energy, but that aforementioned old man will be there pointing and laughing.

A tangent…. My man is good to me and good for me. He bankrolls my work at times. He has a past history in Lucumi so he has a familiarity. If I need to bounce ideas off him he’s cool. But I get the sense he would prefer to avoid me when I work. He’s a good man. So I want to honor him to an extent. He stays out of my work room at all costs. If he needs me and the door is closed, he will yell through the door or wait until I come out. He touches nothing. And if I go to events he will accompany me. He knows all the rules. He’s more consort than co-conspirator. So the day I plan for myself won’t include him.

I’m thinking Fridays….. I don’t normally work my mundane job on Fridays. And my man does. So that will give me all the time I need alone to raise energy and lay tricks in peace. But… there’s always a but… I’m low energy on Fridays…. Something has got to give. Hell I can be ow energy the rest of the week. Plus there’s that saying that says don’t start work on Fridays. We shall see….. It will work out. I’m confident.


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For my 11th birthday, I was gifted with the gift of womanhood. I wish it presented to me like that. I thought I was continually pooping myself. My mother noticed that I had taken 3 baths and asked me what happened. I calmly informed her that I was involuntarily pooping myself and I need some real help. After some investigation and laughter… on her part… she told me that I was now a woman. And then the crazy rules appeared… no more boys as friends, no bathing while bleeding, for some reason boys were going to start bothering me. They would want to know. No man I have ever known wanted the details on my cycle. Oh how I wish it had been the party that Clair Huxtable threw Rudy. Sigh…..

Many, many workers… male workers… will tell you to not work while on your period. That your work won’t be accepted. I have never found this to be true. I work on my cycle with efficiently fabulous results. I suppose the physical discomfort and emotional imbalances would lead one to believe that you are unstable therefore the work will be unstable. I don’t see it like that. I’ve been bleeding monthly over 30 years… I like to think I’m an expert at this point.

When women make the sacrifice…. that’s what I call it. You aren’t having a baby, therefore your womb sacrifices itself so that your fertility can be reborn… the veil has thinned for us. Think about this, blood sacrifices cross the veil. Why wouldn’t your monthly do the same thing? We aren’t unstable. We aren’t nasty and dirty. The only thing that might provide a challenge is the cleansing before and after the work is completed. But if you bleed lite,that shouldn’t be a problem. Otherwise timing is everything.

Before my cycle… All bets are off. Don’t make me hex you then. It’s bad. But during… completely different. When I have my period, I am more intuitive, I can smell better, my dreams become prophetic, I can taste more nuances… I’m a completely spiritual person. If something is not right in my cipher I get physically ill. Y’all ever wonder why that happens? You can literally see folks throwing at you.

Period blood is some of the most powerful juju out there. And ya’ll are willing to miss out on this because some man who ain’t never bled, nor will ever bleed told you you ain’t shit this time of month? SMDH…. do the Knowledge, in non christian cultures, (and surprisingly Judaism) women do not have to go through rigorous initiation processes. Do you know why? We are already holy. All we have to do is to mature to puberty and we walk in. Having a vagina is wonderful and more importantly powerful.

Own it.


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Laying hands


I don’t like for stray people to touch me. I, in turn, don’t touch people unless I must. I am affectionate with my man. I love to touch him. But we have permission to molest each other and be all up in each others faces. Is it because I’m a cold hearted bitch? Nope. Well maybe a little bit. But “transference of energy” is real. Damn real.

Energy can be transferred by touch. The church (why have I been so churchy these last few posts??? IDK…) has a tradition of “laying hands” when they ordain a new minister. The purpose of doing that is because it follows a train of hand laying from the ministers present and the people how touched them and so on and so on, until Jesus. It’s the formal way of receiving the Holy Ghost. The New Testament associates the laying on of hands with disciples healed the conferral of authority or designation of a person to a position of responsibility.  Acts6:6, Acts 13:3; and 1 Timothy 4:14.

Jesus (was a great conjure man like Moses) healed folks by just touching them. Like the woman with the issue of blood. And in the case of the bloody woman, he felt the energy exit his body. He could also speak healing but that is a more advanced skill. My personal favorite is Matthew 18:19 That’s the touch and agree verse. KSV sounds more conjure-y to me.

“Again I say to you that if two of you agree on earth concerning anything that they ask,

it will be done for them by My Father in heaven “

Basically it is a way to amplify the energies amongst folks for a common goal. I say all the time When someone says they wants something that I want for them. And I put my entire hand in some innocuous non-sexual spot while I say, “on that we will touch and agree”. Because I want to amplify the intention that I agree with. This is why folks hold hands when they say grace or pray. This is why you hold hands when singing anthems. Holding hands is ordinary conjure designed to increase the frequency of an intention.

Now this is a hard thing to incorporate in your work. Most of the work we do, is done alone. And that is just the nature of the work. Part of the power in our work is because folks don’t know what you’re doing. But when working with clients, you could touch over the work. If you are working with another practitioner, then by all means touch. You could be sneaky and host an event deigned to collect energies. I do this a lot. I don’t feel bad about it either. The people in my cipher are good for coming to a party… eat all your food, drink all your liquor and never reciprocate. Why shouldn’t I get something out of the deal? I paid for it. That was my ebos. I bump up against people when I want to snatch some of their energies. I’m a woman who can acknowledge a pretty woman. I will touch pretty women to get some of that pretty energy on me. I avoid the sick and pregnant women. I will get off an elevator when wheelchairs get on. Not my deal. Children are super innocent. I consider hugging a child to be a blessing and I send my energy over them. My intentions are good towards children. I stay away from bad kids… and they out there. Animals like children are innocent. Animals have their own brand of energy to impart. I take it only if they come to me. I don’t chase down animals. You remember that Jesus cast demons into pig that then ran off a cliff.

This is why you must guard yourself at all times. You might be coming in contact with a worker like myself. I don’t hug and kiss folks. Especially if I’m at a church. That’s the worst place. Folks go to church because they want something or because there are guilty of something. That’s the nature of church. But I will embrace children. They are so innocent and they don’t have ulterior motives usually. Boys like to get close to breasts. I’ve noticed that. But they usually aren’t cognizant of it.

Have you ever been in the presence of someone who is depressed and you leave feeling bad? They have transferred that sour energy to you. I had a friend who used to have panic attacks. I never had on. But after spending some quality time with her, I noticed more and more panic until it culminated into an attack. I stopped that foolishness in it’s tracks. My mother is super effective at this. She has a way to draw people into her and then she gives them all her bad internal vibes. I don’t know where she gets these vibes from in the 1st place. She is wicked with it because she is proud of the ability. Consequently, when I enter her presence I make sure to bone up on protections, stay relatively far from her, avoid kissing her on the lips, don’t eat her food, and keep her eye away from me by not looking prosperous. Yes, we have a complicated relationship. But this is how it works for us. I had a psychic revelation that she isn’t my mother. But DNA tells another story.

I have a coworker who wants to give me her bile. I refuse. Would you accept food from just anyone? Hell I won’t accept cash money from a stranger or some even people I know. She’s shown and proven to not be my alike. I stay from her like the plague. I wouldn’t put it past her to through at me because she really HATES me. She wants me to be a receptacle for her bad energy. I reject that. And she must on some level know that I purposefully reject it which causes her to crack up.

Be careful who you invite into your home. Be careful of gifts you accept. Don’t wear street clothes in your bed (or vice versa). Wear gloves, put your hair up and away and be careful who you give rides too. Most folks don’t think to protect their cars and there are so many hiding places in cars. Keep spaces in your home for public use and spaces for private use. Don’t let anyone who isn’t your child or lover sit on your bed. You must be careful who you share space with and stay prayed up/meditating an cleanse yourself often. (at least weekly… daily is best) Transference attacks do happen. Be careful of who touches you!!! People don’t want that shit on them and subconsciously (sometimes consciously if their woke) don’t want that shit on them if they woke. Be ready.


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